Mama the UK's all era Genesis tribute band

An Evening of Genesis Music

  • Great performance last night in Kinross. Was a night I won’t forget. Cheers.

    Jim Thomson
  • Very good performance. Keep it up guys. Sends shivers down my spine and a tear in my eye. It’s such a sad song.

  • Top drawer but I’m biased. I love Genesis. You’re note for note, chord for chord. You guys are amazing! Seen you twice this year at Ukranian Centre and Moses Gate. Tell us when you’re back in Bolton please… Barrie. PS cheers.

    Barrie Brunsden
  • From the minute I sat down, my jaw just dropped open and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, for 2 hours! Quite simply put, it was the most professional, engaging, musically accomplished performance I have seen in a long time. The greatest compliment I can pay you is that if I closed my eyes I could have been listening to Genesis. Such was the rich sound and attention to detail. Just outstanding!

    Asa (NWB website)
  • Really enjoyed your fantastic performance at the Core Theatre last night. My first time seeing you and it exceeded my expectations. Music and vocals were as close to Genesis as could be possible. Think Phil would probably struggle to match that now.

    Mike Watson
  • Fantastic band! Everyone go see them! Couldn’t get closer to the real Genesis if you tried! And that’s from a hardened Genesis fan! xxx

    Valerie Corser
  • Absolutely brilliant and one of the reasons why Mama are THE best Genesis tribute band in the country. And that’s saying something because there are some brilliant ones on the circuit!

    Keith Brian
  • Awesome show tonight at Farnham Maltings!! Fantastic light show too!!! LOVED it all. Sad U didn’t play ‘Follow You’ due to a tech hitch but loved ‘In the Air Tonight’. Awesome show! Come South more often PLEASE!!

    Caline Blue May
  • Got there just as you started so all good thanks… Really enjoyed the show and great to hear a variety of the back catalogue sung and played with such enthusiasm and professionalism. Keep it going!

  • I just want to thank you all for a great show last night. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when you did Duchess. It was spot on! Loved it!

    Eric Perry
  • Simply outstanding night at the Rose Club… Thank you so very much for a night to remember. Venue is great and the quality of the music and performances was sensational. Hope this is the first of many Prog Rock celebrations in Hindley.

    Peter Harmer
  • Glad you guys made the effort to get your gear up to the Theatre on the Steps Bridgnorth last night. A quirky place but what an absolutely fantastic atmosphere. The way you guys reproduce the sound of Genesis live is magic.

    Dave Mullett
  • Brilliant gig! Please come back to Bridgnorth very soon! Will help carry the gear up K2 if necessary!!

    Kerry Bear Edwards
  • After seeing Genesis 32 times over the years I was very pleased and surprised how these guys sound. Great selection of songs really great to hear Spectral Mornings. Go and see them you won’t be disappointed!

    John Colley
  • Another fantastic night, thanks every one. xxx I can’t stop singing (in my head) Dancing With The Moonlit Knight. LOL

    Fay Owen
  • (Duke’s Travels) Great stuff guy. Especially the keys!

    Jon Novice
  • I saw what can only be described as the best Genesis tribute band Mama last night in Chesterfield, who were outstanding. The lead singer and drummer were just brilliant. Well done to everyone in the band for the excellent evening.

    Steve Bunting
  • Great night, almost took me back to Slough College in the early seventies when I paid 50p to see Genesis as a support band! Amazing how you sound both like Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

    Wendy Hicky
  • I’m not a massive Genesis fan cos I don’t know enough of it, but I do know brilliant musicianship when I hear it. Hats off to you boys. Credit where it’s due. Well done!

    Kevin McGuire
  • You guys were ace last night. Great balance of material, the unexpected inclusion of Dodo/Lurker in particular gave a real Three Sides Live vibe! Ever want a loan of my ARP Pro Soloist, just ask. LOL

    Neil Boughey
  • Had a great night watching Mama at the Chesterfield Winding Wheel. I saw Genesis at Roundhay Park in Leeds in 1986 they were absolutely fantastic. I closed my eyes last night and I was back there. Well done Guys! Xx 🙂

    Diane Rudge
  • You guys have nailed it!!!! Great job. Shivers down the spine. Brilliant!

    Ian Doherty
  • Your band is utterly amazing. I’d watch you every week if I could!

    Gareth Hughes
  • @Mama_Genesis a real hairs on the back of the neck moment. Fantastic performance. Saw Duke tour 33 years ago and you’ve done them proud.

    Michael Jones (@sandfordecho)
  • Fantastic performance at Skipton last night. I’ve been waiting for a Genesis tribute band for years and Mama were superb. I love the early material and In the Cage was exhilarating stuff!

    Ian Grant
  • Thank you for an excellent gig. You truly wowed me. You were note perfect and Johns vocals and the lead guitarist were ace!!

    Helen Pomfret
  • It was great seeing Mama in 2012. All three times were outstanding. At the final time this year at the Ukrainian club you featured Fading Lights (in part). I really look forward to the new material.

    Eric Perry
  • Well what more can I say but thanks to the band for one hell of a night. I’m so glad I came. I’ve followed Phil Collins and Genesis for 31 years and OMG they would be so proud to have you keeping the flame going. First class all night.

    Mark Livock
  • Sat night in Kinross. Great gig and rekindled my love for Genesis. A great bunch of talented musicians who clearly work very hard at what they do.

    Alex Hamilton

About Mama

Mama perform An Evening of Genesis Music, a tribute to the music of British group Genesis. The band is based in the UK and currently plays 16 shows a year at venues across the country.

The band perform pieces from every era of Genesis from the early Peter Gabriel Genesis albums, right through the Phil Collins era in the 70’s and 80’s and up to the final Genesis studio album, We Can’t Dance.

Upcoming shows

The Picturedrome, Holmfirth

Friday 25th October 2019

Backstage at the Green, Kinross

29th & 30th November 2019

Heswall Hall, The Wirral

Friday 31st January 2020

Heswall Hall, The Wirral

Saturday 1st February 2020

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The Band


Jon Vatikiotis


James Cooper

Bass & Guitars

Dave Jones


John Comish


John Wilkinson


Andrew Prince

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