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Mama at The Green Hotel KinrossMama bass player Dave is dying to tell you about the new Nerve Toy Trio album, so we let him loose with a pen and paper and after he drew some weird musical symbols and bowed down before the spirit of Mr. C Squire a couple of times, this is what he penned….

As you know it can be a busy life if you love music. Take the five members of Mama for instance. We are all up to our top C’s in music at the moment!

I sympathize with Darren, who has spent the last few weeks getting up early before work to practice then going to work, coming home, spending time with his family then when they go to bed, it’s back to the guitar for a couple of hours – all to prepare for a Mama concert. But it paid off, because he was sensational when we played at Thornton recently.

The Contenders….

The band just can’t get enough of music. James plays with The Contenders, a great band that play in and around the North West. If you can get to see them please go. You won’t be disappointed. They rock!

Swan Chorus….

John W has been recording vocals for another prog band called The Swan Chorus who also sound fantastic. Their album should be coming out in the new year so that is one to look out for. Check out John’s  SoundCloud channel for more examples.



John C has been working on new original music also, in particular JC and I have been working on a couple of songs which may see the light of day before the end of the year.

Nerve Toy Trio….

Yours truly? Well I have been playing with Nerve Toy Trio for a while and NTT have been working on an album for the past few months. The album is now completed and came out on the 9th September. It’s called Accidental Bar-B-Que and is a 55 minute suite of 6 instrumental pieces of music mixing jazz, rock and prog to form what we hope is an exciting sound. If you come to a Mama show you might hear the title track played as part of the pre-show music. The album is available through the on-line store Burning Shed and the first 100 orders get a free copy of an earlier EP.



Two Nights in Kinross, Scotland….

The members of Mama and the crew are music lovers, pure and simple. We live for it! Rehearsing, practicing, listening to albums and going to concerts. It’s just what we do. We live to play music and we will be doing it soon in Scotland. Our annual visit over the border to Kinross is coming up. Two nights, two concerts, Friday is all Genesis and Saturday is the hits of Genesis, Collins, Gabriel and Mike & the Mechanics. Plus we are excited to have Mark back with us. Mark is playing the double dates in Scotland and St. Helens to give Darren time to learn our Hits set. We are looking forward to the Kinross gigs and we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Got to stop writing now. I need to practice my bass!

Mama at The Green Hotel Kinross

Mama at Thornton Little TheatreThornton-Cleveleys & Kinross

Today we’ve got a website update written by our bass player, Dave. He stepped up with some thoughts on his time with Mama and our recent news about the changes we are making within the band. But first, a quick reminder about our upcoming shows.

On Saturday 3rd September 2016 the band will be performing their 2016 tour show at Thornton Little Theatre in Thornton-Cleveleys. This show always sells well and we have a great time performing Genesis music for you. If you want tickets to the show, be sure to book them online at our EventBrite booking page (with no booking fees!).

If you’re in Scotland, you’re probably aware that we always make it to The Green Hotel in Kinross every year for what has (for us) become a band social event because it involves two shows back to back, far away from home, in a great hotel, with a great crowd of like minded Genesis fans. Needless to say, we think going to Kinross is great! We probably drink too much. We certainly eat too much and it’s impossible to play too much Genesis for you. What more could we want?

This year we are doing two shows on Friday 16th September and Saturday 17th September. Tickets have been on sale for a while and are selling better than usual. So again, if you’re thinking of coming down to one or both nights (two different shows incidentally) then consider booking in advance by heading over to the Mudell Music website.

Mama at Thornton Little Theatre

On with the show…. Here’s Dave:

There are many times in your life when you feel like the New Boy or New Girl. Personally this has happened to me on numerous occasions (Webmaster: What? New Boy? Or New Girl?!?!). When you go to Primary School for the first time and you are tiny, and eleven year olds are giants! When you move to secondary school and you are still small and awkward compared to the sophisticated sixth form. When you move to university and you are wide eyed and naive when it comes to life. When you start your first job and you are asked to go for a long stand or go through an initiation ceremony that simply involves getting covered in water! When you get a promotion and move to a new environment with unwritten rules and protocols.

Yes I have been a New Boy many times. The last one occurred in the summer of 2014 when I officially became the New Boy in Mama. There was no initiation ceremony, no going for a long stand, no weird rules. Neither was there any rehearsal! It was a case of, “learn this DVD and be ready for when we play Blackburn.”

For two years I have been the New Boy, even though I am now the longest serving bass player in Mama’s short lifespan. But now those days are coming to an end. Mark is leaving Mama and like the rest of the band and crew I will miss him. His off-beat sense of humour; his kind, generous approach to life; his temper tantrums with his equipment; his brilliant skillful guitar playing. Everything will be missed.

At the same time we are excited to welcome Darren into the group. Especially me as now I am no longer the New Boy. Darren will inherit that mantle. He will discover how wonderful it is to play this music with the rest of the band. He will enjoy the applause and feedback from our audience who turn up to listen to the music we can’t live without.

Me? I am taking time out to think of a suitable initiation ceremony… Where did I put that hose pipe?

Mama at Thornton Little Theatre

Interview with James (drums)

Mama at Playhouse 2 ShawSummer break is coming to a close and Mama has two upcoming shows, preceded by a lengthy interview with James, on the drums!

We’ve had a long Summer break – the longest break we’ve ever had in fact (I think). Okay, it’s killing us! We just can’t wait to get back on the road and play some more Genesis for you. But first, we will be holding a few rehearsals to polish the set list. In the meantime, we finally got chance to sit down with our drummer extraordinaire and quiz him about this whole Genesis / Mama thing he has going on. We swears he knows every note from every song on every tour that Genesis ever did, along with every Phil Collins interview, word for word!

Before we get to the interview, here’s the next two show dates for your diary:

  • 25th June 2016 – Playhouse 2, Shaw (near Oldham)
  • 8th July 2016 – The Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn (not near Oldham)

And now, the interview….

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Mama at The Musician, LeicesterBass player with Mama, Dave Jones, gives casts his mind back to that very first Genesis LP purchase.

Last chance to get your tickets to see the band live this weekend (30th April 2016 @ The Musician in Leicester)! You can get tickets from the venue website, priced £11.00.

If you’re not around the Leicester area this weekend or indeed any other weekend, maybe you’re in Shropshire? Mama will be performing two shows next weekend (Friday 6th May & Saturday 7th May) at Theatre on the Steps in Bridgnorth. The first night will be an all out Genesis-fest. The second night will feature hits of Collins, Gabriel, Hackett and Mike & the Mechanics. So remember, that’s arguably two completely different shows! Want tickets? Grab them from the venue website.

And now for today’s feature…. Remember your first Genesis album? Our Dave does!

It’s 1973 and I am sixteen years old. I am the bass player in a cabaret band called Chuck and the Young Ones. The group consists of a singer (Chuck – not his real name!) and four lads aged 13 (lead guitar), 14 (rhythm guitar), 16 (drummer) and 16 (me!). At each gig, we take to the stage first and play two instrumentals by The Shadows, then Chuck comes on and we play classic pop songs and current chart favourites. We usually play on Fridays and Saturdays in clubs around the North West. View full article »

Seriously, how does Mama do a show?

Mama at The Slade RoomsMama will be performing their 2016 show at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton, tomorrow night – Saturday 2nd April 2016!

Just a quick update before our show at The Slade Rooms with the John Hackett Band this Saturday.

Last Saturday we were at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale with an almost sell out crowd who gave us a standing ovation at the end of the show. Lots of new friends made and the good news is we will be returning in 2017. On that very subject we are working on some great venues for 2017. Several have already confirmed such as The Cavern, The Met in Bury and indeed Huntington Hall. We also have two shows lined up at The Floral Hall in New Brighton. We have a new venue in Gainsborough as we have had a lot of folk asking when we playing near the East coast in 2017.

Looking forward to all the shows this year including a first time visit to The Maltings in Farnham where you will all no doubt remember Genesis used to rehearse back in the “old days”. We are also in talks to bring Mama to mainland Europe with two shows in the planning stages for venues in Holland in early December this year so really looking forward to that.

Someone asked John W recently if it was “cool” being in a Genesis tribute band. “Cool and a lot of hard work!” he replied, which seemed to confuse the person who asked.

“But all you do is trundle up and play isn’t it?”

Clearly they didn’t know how hard we work as Phil Collins himself may have said at sometime, so in an effort to let you know how much work goes into a Mama show, here is what we did for the recent show at Huntington Hall.

Saturday 27th Feb 2016:  11:00 hrs

John W gets Bessie the band van from her den and loads in his equipment. He then checks and fuels the van and waits for Dave J to arrive with his equipment at 12:00. When Dave safely on board the next step is to collect band roadie and all round great guy Dave Broome. Onward to collect James C and load his drums into the van. We all set off around 12:45 and it is a two hour drive to the venue. Meanwhile Mark C has already been on the road for three hours from deepest darkest Norfolk stopping only for a quick snack and a peek at the girlie mags in the service station (that is a joke – actually he is more likely to be looking at photography magazines!). John C and Jan are also en route after loading his car with his keyboards and other equipment and Andrew and Jules won’t be far behind (Behind? Behind JC & Jan? Wash your mouth out Wilkinson! – Andrew). View full article »