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Mama Genesis at The Lion Quays Hotel OswestryMama to perform their 2017 tour show at The Lion Quays Hotel & Spa, Oswestry!

Well 2017 got off to a cracking start with two very well attended shows in Chester and Liverpool. We had a fantastic time performing for you at both The Forum Theatre and The Cavern and we are in the process of booking a show back in Chester for 2018. The Cavern has already booked us for 2018 and details are now on our shows page.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip out to see us both in Chester and Liverpool on what turned out to be very cold nights! We do appreciate it very much.

On with this weeks news….

Tim Rothwell drummer with Mama GenesisA New Drummer

We are thrilled to announce that we have found the replacement for James on the drum stool. Step forward Tim Rothwell (ex “SeYes” drummer). Tim really impressed us at auditions and we offered him the role almost at once. Thankfully he said yes and his first show is planned for the first night at New Brighton Floral Hall on Friday 3rd March 2017.

James will retake the drum stool for the “hits” set on Saturday 4th March 2017 however, which will be his final planned show with Mama. Of course it goes without saying that we wish James all the very best for the future. Mama wouldn’t have been the success it is without him. It is highly likely he may decide to join us for some double drum madness in the future….

The Lion Quays Return!

The next show for us is this Saturday (4th February 2017) at The Lion Quays Hotel & Spa complex in Oswestry. We hope you can join us there for what promises to be a fairly unique show. Why? Well, we plan on having a bit of an unplanned set list. Planning the unplanned, you might say. There’ll be chance for the audience to have their say with requests and we may or may not throw in some tracks we haven’t performed for a while.

Note: The Friday night show was cancelled a while back, so if you have tickets and you’re expecting us to be there, please contact the promoter and either get yourself a shiny refund or swap your ticket for the Saturday night show!

Free musical downloads

To whet your appetite, we took some of the recording from our last show at The Cavern in Liverpool and split it into specific tracks. First up is The Duke Suite (webmaster: I think this is the first time we’ve published a recording of The Duke Suite no?).

You can listen direct here, by clicking the play button. Or you can download the track to put on your own personal listening device and carry around with you. The first 200 downloads are free. After that’ it’s no longer available. So be quick if you want a copy!

Next up, we have Squonk. Again, this was recorded at The Cavern less than a week ago. So if you’re wondering what Mama sound like live because you’ve never seen the band, this will give you a good idea (albeit, it doesn’t do justice to the live sound on the night).

Next one? Erm, Carpet Crawl! Always a favourite with Genesis audiences and with us!

Finally, we have our signature track. Well, the track that we take our name from (webmaster: It’s not a signiture track. It’s a…?)

What else can we say? If you’re wanting to see the band this weekend, grab your tickets from Mundell Music and get yourself down on Saturday night. Hope to see some of you there!

Mama Genesis at the Lion Quays Hotel Oswestry

100 Shows for Mama!

An evening of Genesis music The Cavern LiverpoolMama chalks ups 100 shows this weekend at The Cavern in Liverpool!

Someone once said, “Time flies when you are having fun,” and for the members of Mama, never a truer word was spoken.

Formed in late 2011, Mama announced their arrival with a website headline, The World is about to be rocked again by the music of Genesis. Rehearsals started in January 2012 and over the past five years the band has worked hard to perform the music of Genesis live in theatres all over the UK.

A first time for everyone

The first show was at the Pacific Road Arts Centre in Birkenhead on Friday 23rd March 2012 and by sheer coincidence the band are back on the Wirral to celebrate their five year anniversary in March 2017. Two performances are lined up at the Floral Hall in New Brighton on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th March.

That big number…. 100!

A five year anniversary is one thing but chalking up 100 shows is something else. This Friday (27th Jan) the band will be back in Liverpool at one of their all time favourite venues, The Cavern, and this concert will be Mama’s 100th show! Being the first tribute band to sell out The Cavern is something special so returning there to celebrate 100 gigs is perfect timing.

An evening of Genesis music The Cavern Liverpool

The line-up may have evolved since that first gig in Birkenhead but for John W, John C and James, this really is 100 shows. Another evolution is round the corner as James is soon stepping down from the drum stool but he will be playing at the Cavern this Friday and returning for one of the two evenings in March. Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, the band will be playing overseas for the first time with two dates in Holland coming up in June.

You want more Genesis?

More? Well the summer sees a return to Tribfest in August when for four days tribute bands from all over the world will be bringing the music of their favourites to life – and that is where it all started for Mama with that announcement in 2011!

We hope to see you at a show or two in 2017 – keeping the music of Genesis alive!

Check out some of our more memorable moments here:

An evening of Genesis music The Cavern Liverpool

The band really would like to thank each and every person who has supported us for all our shows. From those who buy tickets to others who repeatedly buy tickets again and again. Then there are the people who promote our shows and come along to shows with us to help with gear. Not forgetting of course, the past members of the band and crew who helped us build (and continue building) this brilliantly fun thing we love doing. There really are Many Too Many people to even think about listing individual names. Suffice to say…. You all know who you are, what you’ve done for us and deserve a massive thanks!

Here’s hoping to see some of you at The Cavern on Friday night. It’ll be a night to remember.  🙂

Please do tell us YOUR Genesis story, in the comments section below….

The Roundhouse, Bolton. Sat 3rd Dec 2016!


Mama to perform their official Christmas show at The Roundhouse in Bolton, Saturday 3rd December 2016. Tickets on sale now!

We come to the final show of 2016 and yes, it’s our official Christmas party! What’s not to like? Saturday 3rd December 2016 will see us performing at The Roundhouse in Bolton, probably wearing Santa hats. If you like your Genesis, there will be no better place to be on this night!

Want tickets? Call the Roundhouse box office right now on 01204 528 323.

What’s new in the world of Mama?

Today, we have an interview to share, that we conducted with John (vocals). We also have some videos taken from our last show at Farnham Maltings. Big shout out to the Farnham crowd and of course our promoter and the venue technical staff – thanks for making us feel so welcome and being such an enthusiastic audience. It’s much appreciated!  🙂

The interview below was conducted in October 2016, shortly before our Citadel shows.

Mama Website: Hi JW. How’s it going?

John W: Very well thanks.

MW: Looking forward to the shows this weekend?

JW: Yeah we always have a great time at The Citadel and the two different shows this year have both sold really well.

MW: These shows are Mark’s last two shows with the band are they not?

JW: Yeah, its been five years but we finally got rid of him (Laughs). No, it is sad to see Mark go of course as he has been a big part of the band over the last five years, but I respect his decision and understand why he made it.


MW: So that is the last we will see of him?

JW: Well he has said if our new chap Darren cannot make a show he will be a more than capable stand in. Also he will be involved in publicity etc as he is a great photographer which is his day job.

MW: Yes about Darren, how did you find him?

JW: Well some of you may remember than Mark was going to leave in 2014 and we did in fact audition some other guitarists. Darren was mentioned to us by our old bassist Dave Perry as someone who would do a great job for the band. We were going to contact him but by that time he had joined another tribute band and anyways Mark decided to stay. When Mark decided this year he was leaving then we looked at some other guys but they weren’t right for the band. Then out of the blue the tribute band Darren was in split up and he got my number from Dave Perry and rang me offering me their planned shows as he had organised them. It so happened that we were already booked [on those dates] but as soon as I learned he was free we got him down for an audition.

MW: Which went well I assume?

JW: It went better than well. By the second song in I knew we had our man. The rest of the band felt the same way so we offered him the job on the spot.

MW: Sounds like a lucky break, for the band I mean?

JW: I am a great believer in fate and it was the right time for Darren to join Mama. He is a superb guitarist and a great chap as well. Really gets what Mama is all about and brings a wealth of experience to us.


MW: His first show was at Thornton (see link for videos) . What was that like?

JW: Well it was very odd looking across the stage and not seeing Mark there, but Darren did a superb job.

MW: And how do they both differ?

JW: Well no two guitarists sound the same and we have been blessed to have two superb ones in Mama. I am sure people who come to the shows who have seen Mark will love Darren’s style also. Both great players and huge Genesis fans of course.

MW: Great! So tell me what else has been happening in Mama.

JW: Well we have upgraded our lighting [system] by purchasing eight MAC 500 lights which are the same ones Genesis used on their final tour in 2007. We got an old friend of mine, Dave Heaton, into the lighting crew who brings a great deal of experience from my old Face Value days when he was lighting operator. He, Julie and Andrew are currently working out the programming of these beasts for the Solihull show (see link for videos) where we hope to debut them (We did. They Rock. See videos.).

We have also finally realised an ambition of mine as we are playing two shows in Holland in 2017.


MW: Think you mentioned that a few years ago.

JW: Yeah we were put onto a promoter by our friends in the Yes Tribute band Seyes. They did two shows for this promoter and recommended him to us. We sent an email and directed him to footage on YouTube and he came back at once with two shows. Can’t wait to play there.

MW: Quite an adventure, but what happened to the band playing the whole of the Duke album?

JW: That has had to go on the back burner for now with getting Darren in and all. We still hope to do that but perhaps in 2018 now. We are looking at some different Genesis songs to play in 2017 that no one else is playing though.

MW: So again the future is good?

JW: Yeah, I think I can keep going until I reach retirement age (laughs) and the rest of the band have a new energy now that Darren has joined. It is always that way when someone leaves and a band gets a new member.

MW: Thanks for talking to us John and good luck with the future shows.

JW: Pleasure matey.


The Maltings, Farnham – Sat 12th Nov 2016

Mama at The Maltings, FarnhamMama to perform their 2016 tour show at The Maltings, Farnham. Plus, a lineup change and some new video from our recent show in Solihull!

Howdo fellow Genesis fanatics! We’ve got a lot to get through today, so let’s get straight in there…. First up, our next show!

You can catch the band a little more South than usual on Saturday 12th November 2016 at The Maltings in Farnham. This show has been on sale for quite a while and tickets are now starting to move quicker, so if you’re coming down, get them in advance.

You can buy tickets for the show from The Maltings website.

James calls time on his Mama duties

It’s sad we know, but James has taken the decision to spend more time with his family and working in his new job, so he’s informed us that he would like us to find a new drummer for the band. We’d like to thank James for his incredible commitment to the band, right from the word go (actually, he committed before Mama was even written down on paper in fact). James will continue to perform with the band until his final show in 2017 at The Cavern. We hope many of you will be joining us at this historic venue to say goodbye and wish him well for the future. View full article »

Mama to perform two unique shows at The Citadel in St. Helens, this coming weekend!

It’s been a busy few weeks, driving up and down motorways to perform shows in Kinross followed by Newcastle. Time for a local show we say! But, not just one local show. This time, we are bringing both our Genesis set and our hits set featuring the works of Collins, Gabriel, Mike & The Mechanics (and maybe a Hackett number), to St. Helens.

So, if you want tickets for either of these shows, grab them while they’re still on sale (because you can’t grab them when they’re no longer on sale can you?). Don’t wait until Monday. Monday is too late, mostly because the shows are on Friday and Saturday nights!

So, here’s everything you need:

Friday 7th October 2016 – Mama – Genesis set – The Citadel, St. Helens

Saturday 8th October 2016 – Mama – Collins, Gabriel, Mechanical Mike set – The Citadel, St. Helens

And with that little bit of news out there on the information superhighway, we’ve got a couple of videos to share with you.

First up is Carpet Crawlers:

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