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Andrew Prince

Having always wanted to spend his life flying passenger planes around the world, Andrew was gutted when he realised ‘they’ wouldn’t let him due to his hearing loss. Therefore, he wisely decided to become a sound engineer. As a drummer, he already appreciated the fine art of making ‘din’ so he went off to Salford University to do four years of study in professional audio and video systems.

Can’t hear? Become A Sound Engineer!

Emerging from the student life he was presented with a Genesis video (live at Wembley Stadium) and instantly set about dissecting the drums, the lights and the show in general. Andrew is clearly the luckiest Genesis fan associated with Mama because he’s yet to discover all that early Genesis material out there.

Andrew (sound) Mama Genesis Tribute Band
Andrew (sound) Mama Genesis Tribute Band

A Real Job, Several Bands and The Discovery of Money in Video

Fast forward several years, Andrew had a career in IT, several bands done and ditched (most were not that good!) and started a video production company making wedding videos. Branching into music videos, Andrew became involved in Face Value, producing three promo videos for the band and subsequently was asked if he was interested in managing the sound for the band. He refused. Repeatedly. They won.

What does he do now?

For Mama, Andrew takes care of the website development, marketing / promotion, social media networking, video needs and of course, live sound (‘put me down for anything technical and geeky’ – he says). He values professionalism above all else and doesn’t do band politics. He also regularly prices up new equipment that he will never be able to afford.

Andrew is a self employed videographer and promoter, working mostly on wedding films and shows. His most recent project is the creation of a new, digital marketing & promotion experience; Ampro Media.

Favourite Genesis tracks:

Mama, The Old Medley, Afterglow, Tonight x 3, Fading Lights, Los Endos

Favourite bands:

Dave Matthews Band, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Genesis, Queen, Yes, Paul Simon, John Denver

Equipment used:

Sony & Canon pro video cameras, Behringer X32 console, various custom built PC’s (no Macs in this house!), Adobe CC, iPhone