The Wonderful World of Genesis

Finally, the sun is shining and the weather is warming up! It’s been a while since we updated the Mama website, so we thought we’d pack all the latest news into a single post and publish it.

First up…. the video!

As you can see, we have a new video to show you. If you’ve not already watched it (or you’re wondering how Tim got so young all of a sudden), allow us to explain.

Jonny Wild is a mad Genesis fan. We are somewhat familiar with the phenomenon ourselves. His dad wrote to us a couple of weeks before our Romiley show at The Forum Theatre asking if Jonny could play with the band. It was a little too close to the gig date to put a rehearsal in, but that didn’t stop us from having some fun during our sound check. We happened to have our gig camera running (but not our audio recording gear, so the audio is straight from the camera – not the best) and Jonny’s dad was filming on his mobile phone. We got hold of the mobile phone footage and combined it with our gig camera footage and camera audio. The cameras don’t exactly match for sure, but you can definitely see we all had a great time seeing Jonny play with the band. Just so you know, Jonny is 15 years old. 15! We’re pretty sure he’ll be blowing audiences away in the not too distant future!

An Evening of Genesis Music

Next up…. The new shows!

We’ve added a raft of new shows to our diary since the last website update. A return visit to The Forum Theatre in Romiley is booked in for the 16th February next year. We’ve also added shows at The Cluny in Newcastle (15th Sept 2018) and The Citadel in St. Helens (24th Nov 2018). Then we added two return dates to Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough and a new venue for us – Colne Muni, in Colne.

Finally, we are in the final stages of planning our big Xmas show. It’s been a long, long time since we put a show in Bolton, which is a bit mad because Bolton is kind of a home venue for us. We’re very sorry we neglected you, so we are putting a big one together… Saturday 1st December 2018, we will be appearing at The Ukraine Club on Castle Street. We played there previously about three years ago and it was practically sold out. So if you want to come down (bring your Santa hats!), there are now 200 tickets on sale. We don’t normally get chance to run our own box office (venues prefer to sell our tickets), so with it being Christmas, we’ve deliberately kept the price as low as we can – no booking fees! Yea!

Buy your tickets for the Uki Club here:

You can see the full list of all our confirmed shows and find links to buy ticketsĀ here.

An Evening of Genesis Music

The Guild….

As we’ve mentioned before, we are proud members of The Ancient Guild of Genesis Tribute bands, which isn’t actually medieval nor an association of craftsmen or merchants with considerable power. Rather, it’s a group of groups – Genesis tribute bands to be precise – who have banded together (guild, group, band, banded – it’s getting complicated again!) to promote Genesis tribute band shows throughout the UK. Here in the UK, we are blessed with a good number of excellent Genesis tributes and if you’re anything like us, you should probably check them all out. Anything for a Genesis fix, right?

The Guild website has also been updated today, featuring an interview with Pete McDonagh (singer with Genesis tribute band Afterglow). Fancy checking it out? Find it here:

You may also notice that the GGTB website features a discussion forum. We heard that the Turn It On Again forum was due to close down in the not too distant future, so if you want to join a great community of like minded Genesis fans, head over to GGTB and sign up for our forum. Everyone is welcome. We’re hoping to build a rather scintillating central discussion around everything related to Genesis, Genesis tribute bands and live music. The more, the merrier we say!