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Tim Rothwell

Tim started playing drums at the age of eleven in 1973. He was lucky enough to be at a school that had a big band and a great music teacher that left him with a love of big band jazz to this day. He also started to get into rock music (via his older brothers) and remembers being blown away watching Cozy Powell perform Dance with the Devil on Top of The Pops.

He played in few bands in the late 70’s and 80’s and started to get into Prog; especially Yes, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and King Crimson. All of them of course had great drummers but when he heard his first Genesis album (And Then There Were Three) he was hooked and has been ever since.

2002 – A Moses Gate Odyssey

During the 90’s he didn’t play that much due to having a young family and his job taking him all over the country. In 2002 (he thinks) a friend dragged him out on a wet Thursday evening to the Moses Gate in Farnworth. A Genesis tribute band was performing there. He was very skeptical to say the least as it was obviously not possible for anyone to do justice to the music of Genesis other than the masters themselves. That show changed his opinion of tribute bands, so he started scouring the musicians wanted ads in the hope that there was a Genesis tribute band looking for a drummer.

Tim (drums) Mama Genesis Tribute Band
Tim (drums) Mama Genesis Tribute Band

Ironic, a supergroup known for using two drummers, yet no drumming positions available!

The opportunity to join SeYeS (Yes tribute) at their formation occurred in 2004 and as Yes come in as close second to Genesis for him, he jumped at the chance. SeYeS were a great band and prided themselves on tackling some of the more tricky tunes (Gates of Delirium and Ritual anyone?). He left SeYeS in 2013 after seven very enjoyable years.

Again he scouted around for a Genesis tribute band but none seemed to be looking for drummers. After that he changed tack completely and joined a swing band (Bring on the Swing) and an original funk / rock band (Lostock). He’d followed Mama for some time on social media but had never managed to see them live. So when the opportunity to audition came along, he grasped at it with both hands.

Favourite Genesis tracks:

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Equipment used:

90’s Pearl BLX kit with load of drums (it would be wrong not to!), Sabian cymbals, various items of electronic percussion