Home By The Sea – Bury 2022

Everyone here at Mama HQ would like to thank all of you who have attended our Next Domino Tour shows so far this year. The audience reaction has been overwhelming and we are really enjoying playing our version of the same set Genesis played on their Last Domino Tour.

We have been recording some of our shows with an aim of putting together a live album for release later this year. We do have a live EP available on our merchandise desk, along with T-shirts and various CDs, but no album featuring the current line-up of Mama.

Currently I am mixing tracks from our recent show at The Met in Bury and I have just finished a mix for our version of Home By The Sea. We are releasing this with a video as a taster of what will be on our live album. Check out the video here and let us know what you think by dropping your comments below. You can also message us via our website or on our Facebook page. We hope you like the video and look forward to hearing from you.

Dave J