This Weekend – Playhouse 2, Shaw (near Oldham)!

Mama at Playhouse 2, ShawHello Genesis fans and all.

After a fairly long break, we’re back! This weekend, Saturday 12th May 2018, we’ll be appearing at The Playhouse 2 Theatre in Shaw, which is near Oldham. We’ve performed at this venue a number of time in the past and it always sells out. Right now, there are just a few tickets left so if you want some, head over to the box office and grab them.

Here’s the link to the online box office:

And if they’re sold out online, you could always try the high street box office which is located just around the corner from the theatre.

Details here:

In other news, we have an interview with Dave, our bass player. Read on….

Mama Website: Hi Dave! How are things?

Dave Jones: Things are just fine thanks.

MW: Any Mama related news you can share with us?

DJ: The band will be back on the road soon with a show at The Playhouse, Shaw, Oldham in May and this could be – I say could be because you never know – our last show with Darren on guitar.

MW: Explain all!

DJ: I am sure readers will be aware that Darren decided to leave the band at the end of last year and we now have a new guitarist, Jon, but he isn’t free for the Oldham show and so Darren has kindly agreed to step in. After Oldham, Jon will be playing all our shows and we will be in Scotland in June plus Tribfest in August.More