Dance on a Volcano – a Breakdown

Here at Mama HQ, we’ve been enjoying our traditional Summer break – you know…. rain, rain, rain and more rain!

As you know, we don’t generally put shows into the diary for the Summer months but that doesn’t mean we stop working altogether. Far from it. Often we are discussing the set list and how we can change it in the future or maybe ideas on how we can improve our show and add things to it to make it even more spectacular. Often, we get involved in other musical projects because each member of the band has such projects going on.

But today, we wanted to share a cool video we found on YouTube. Whilst this video wasn’t produced by Mama, it does a really great job of illustrating in great detail, just how much work goes into each track we perform live. We figured some of you would really enjoy seeing what goes into a Genesis track and hence, getting an insight into the musical genius of Genesis music.

If only Rick Beato would produce these videos for all Genesis tracks – it would certainly make our lives so much easier! How about it Rick?  🙂

Want to check out some more cool videos from Rick Beato? Head over to his YouTube channel here: