The new Mama website is now LIVE!

It’s been a long time coming (about two months in the making, on and off), but today, it finally arrived. Yes, this is the all new Mama website!

So, what does it do? Well, the main page is a sort of really big menu that takes you to all the other pages. We’ve got separate pages for our gig list, each member of the band and each news article (like this one you’re reading here). Obviously, we had a lot of content on the previous website, which will need pulling over to this new website, but that’s a big job – one that I’m going to have to do a little bit of work on each day.

You can still see our previous website here:

So, if there’s any content you’d like to see updated onto the new website sooner, rather than later, then let us know in the comments below. We are also looking for testers, so if you have a look around the new website and you come across any spelling mistakes, missing images, missing videos or anything that doesn’t look right, be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll get into fixing it as soon as we can. Also, feel free to tell us what you think of the new website, again in the comments section below.

Hope you like the new layout and the navigation makes sense.  🙂

The original discussion forum we had is also now back up and running. You can reach it by clicking here. So, if you can remember your username and password (I can’t remember mine!) and you want to get stuck back into your discussions, by all means go for it.

And finally, we also have a new online store coming. It’s not ready yet. In fact, it might be some way off. We shall have to see. But rest assured, we’ll let you know when it’s ready for a grand opening.