It’s Time To Plug In & Turn On Again!

Hello everyone! Dave (bass) from Mama here.

As we pass the one year anniversary of the UK first going into lockdown, we here at Mama HQ thought we should bring you up to speed with all things relating to the band. Our last live performance was at The Core Theatre in Solihull and we never dreamed that it would be over a year before we would all get together again.

Like most people the start of being in lockdown was a novelty. It was perfect for doing all those jobs around the house you had been meaning to do. Alternatively, listening to all those albums you hadn’t played in ages. However, eventually the attraction of Zoom meetings wears off and our natural instincts began to kick in. We needed to do something musical.

Our current gig list

All our shows for 2020 and the start of 2021 were postponed and we have been trying hard to re-arrange them for late 2021 or 2022. Some shows we moved forward a year and we have had to move them again, so our gig sheet has been flexible to say the least. We decided this was a good time to review the set list and we have been individually rehearsing several new Genesis numbers to add to the set.

One of the big disappointments for us was that we did not have an opportunity to play live any of the songs from the album we released in January 2020. “Worlds of Yesterday” was released by Mama under the name Moonshot and we had hoped to slip into our set the odd song from the album. We will probably play some of those songs when we get back on the road.

Speaking of being back playing live, all being well our first show should be on the 21st August 2021 at Alhambra Live in Morecombe – we can’t wait to be back on stage! Tickets here.

See our latest gig list here.

As well as rehearsing new, old and very old Genesis songs at home, we have been writing some new original music which may see the light of day as another Moonshot album. John Wilkinson, John Comish and myself have been working together remotely on some new Moonshot songs and when we can eventually meet up we will set about recording them for a possible release.

Onwards & upwards!

The band and crew are really looking forward to meeting up with you all at our shows later this year and next year. We are aiming to return to some of our favourite venues including The Atkinson in Southport, Heswell Hall on the Wirral, The Floral Pavillion in New Brighton and The Green Room in Kinross amongst others.  In the meantime I need to get back to those albums I haven’t heard in a while. Now, where did I put my vinyl copy of “Smallcreep’s Day”?