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Mama at Holmfirth PicturedromeRemember us?

Hi everyone! First of all many, many thanks for all the support you have given us during the past few difficult months. For the first time we had to postpone a series of shows due to John our keyboard wizard having to be at his son Dan’s bedside after Dan was critically injured in a motor cycle accident in Australia last June. It was touch and go for a long while but we are pleased to say that Dan is slowly recovering from this ordeal and John is back home.

Updated date sheet

The shows we postponed have been re-arranged as per the updated date sheet and we are still working hard to get the ones we have not been able to do this year sometime in 2018. View full article »

The Return of Dave’s Tour Log!

Dave Jones (bass) at The Met in BuryAll the latest from Dave, our professor of bass!

Hurrah I hear you cry! It’s the return of the Mama Tour Log! Well there has been so much going on I (Dave) thought I would bring you up to date.

We started the year still searching for a replacement for James, on the face of it an impossible task – how do you replace someone who is irreplaceable? But we finally found our man and Tim Rothwell, former drummer with SeYeS, is the chosen one. Following that decision we started rehearsals to get Tim ready for his first concert which is going to be on 1st April – yes we have a sense of humour!

Meanwhile our 2017 ‘Tour’ kicked off with a return to one of our favourite venues, The Forum Theatre in Chester, which was sold out – a great start. Considering all five of us had not been together since November, we played some excellent stuff.

Next up we returned to The Cavern. This was a special show for the band because for John W, John C and James it was their 100th show as Mama. It was a great night with over 300 in the crowd and once again we played really well.

Rehearsals ongoing

Rehearsals with Tim continued and we played our third show at Oswestry, The Lion Quays. Another good show even though John W was struggling slightly with his voice. Yet again the feedback was very positive. View full article »

Busy, busy, busy…. Bring on Kinross!

Mama at The Green Hotel KinrossMama bass player Dave is dying to tell you about the new Nerve Toy Trio album, so we let him loose with a pen and paper and after he drew some weird musical symbols and bowed down before the spirit of Mr. C Squire a couple of times, this is what he penned….

As you know it can be a busy life if you love music. Take the five members of Mama for instance. We are all up to our top C’s in music at the moment!

I sympathize with Darren, who has spent the last few weeks getting up early before work to practice then going to work, coming home, spending time with his family then when they go to bed, it’s back to the guitar for a couple of hours – all to prepare for a Mama concert. But it paid off, because he was sensational when we played at Thornton recently. View full article »

World Tour of Scotland In Two Days!

Mama live at The Ferry, GlasgowMama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band would like to invite everyone for a holiday in Scotland!

Okay, it’s probably not a holiday if you already live in sunny Scotland, but it’s a great way to spend the weekend away with friends, soaking up the sights and partying to Genesis in the evenings.

So we have two shows for you. First, it’s The Ferry in Glasgow on Friday 23rd May 2014. The band has never played this venue before, so we are hoping for a great turnout. Our friends StillMarillion have been helping out with promotion and they tell us they’re pretty gutted they can’t come to see us because they’re out doing a show of their own. You can buy tickets for The Ferry from TicketSoup (search for “MAMA – A Tribute to Genesis”) or by calling the box office direct on 01698 360 085.

Mama, live at The Green Hotel, Kinross

The second show we have for you is the very next night, hence this weekend will now be known as “The Mama World Tour Of Scotland In Two Days!” The band played The Green Hotel in Kinross last year and had a great time. We did the show with a massively cut down lighting rig due to a misunderstanding with the venue on the use of smoke and their smoke detectors. This year, we’re planning on putting the whole light show into the venue for maximum Genesis revellery! You can buy tickets for this show from WeGotTickets (looks like there are 12 left at this time) or calling the box office on 01577 863 467.

Last Show KeyboardCam

Were you at our last show at Theatre On The Steps, Bridgnorth? Did you help us carry gear into and out of the venue? If not, why not? We only just recovered! Regardless of whether you assisted with the get in or just came to see the show, here’s some video from our “KeyboardCam” which we attached to the top of one of the keyboards to show our very own JC playing a section from In The Cage Medley. We hope you enjoy it.

ITC Medley (Bridgnorth) from Carillon Video on Vimeo.

You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Don’t forget, if you like Genesis or Mama or indeed any of the other Genesis tribute bands here in the UK, you need to sign up for our Mama email newsletter. It’s dead simple; just pop your first name and email address in the boxes below and hit subscribe. Then you need to check your emails and find the confirmation. Simply click the link in the confirmation email and you’re good to go. We will send you an email from time to time telling you when we’ve posted a new video or content on our website and let you know what shows we will be doing in your area, so that you never miss one. View full article »

JC - Keyboards for MamaMama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band interviews John C about the intricacies of reproducing those Genesis keyboards

This weekend, the band will be performing their annual show at Theatre On The Steps in Bridgnorth. This theatre is most unusual in that it’s half way up a huge staircase, hence the name. We had a great time here last time we performed and tickets are selling very well so far, without any real promotion from us. In fact, this website update and the ensuing email newsletter represent the first time that we have promoted the show directly. So if you’re thinking of coming down, buy your tickets pronto because a bunch will sell in the next few hours (I think at last count there were less than thirty left!).

You can buy tickets for Theatre On The Steps from their website or by calling into the box office (The Tic, Bridgnorth Library, Listley Street – open 9.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday). You can also phone the venue on 01746 763 257.

JC does smile from time to time!The Interview

It’s time for another interview with the band. This time we collared John C, our expert keyboard player, and got all geeky with him. Well, he got all geeky with us to be fair! Here’s the interview along with a new promo clip from our upcoming live video:

Mama Website: Hi JC and thanks for agreeing to share your technical secrets with us!

John C: Cheers n tha.

MW: After the whole PG / PC thing, Genesis music is known for it’s reliance on keyboard sounds. How do you approach getting the sounds of Tony Banks for Mama?

JC: Well there are really two ways you can go. With the early stuff it’s really just a couple of organ sounds through a chorus and / or phaser, an RMI style piano, sawtooth based mono synth (preferably an ARP) and of course some Mellotron sounds. Post 1982 it gets a little more tricky – early wavetable and sample based keyboards weren’t great by modern standards but had some unique sounds that aren’t that easy to emulate accurately unless you can get hold of the kit, or samples of it.

MW: Do you have all the sounds used by Tony Banks?

JC: No. That’s not the way I do it. I am pretty good at working out the type of synth sound I am listening to and then I go to my workstation library to find something similar. That works probably eighty percent of the time. If I don’t have something I am happy with, I start looking for instrument samples.

MW: Isn’t the object of a tribute to use the original instruments and the same sounds as Tony Banks?

JC: I know a lot of the other Genesis tributes try to do that and with the early stuff it’s true that you need to get that “70’s Sound,” but I doubt that Tony would be using those sounds if Genesis went on tour this year and they probably wouldn’t be using the the sounds from 2007 either. He would probably try to capture the spirit of the original with new technology, which is really the approach I use.



MW: So how does that work with a signature sound, like the Mellotron choir in Afterglow? View full article »