The Next Domino Tour – Now available on DVD & Blu-ray Disc!


The Last Domino to The Next Domino

Ever since Genesis toured their final tour – The Last Domino – Mama have been touring their very own version of it, largely with the same set list, in the same order. For the first time ever, we are releasing the full show on video, both in standard definition (DVD) and high definition (Blu-ray Disc).

The Next Domino tour was performed live to a packed crowd at The Met in Bury, back in April 2022. At the time, we were testing out some new video gear and running a shake down test before we actually planned to shoot any video. But after seeing the footage, we decided it was good enough to release, so we set about the long process of editing, mixing, grading, refining and generally doing a long of “ing”ing to get it just how we wanted it. The results are now in!

Buy It Now!

So, you can now puchase a DVD or Blu-ray Disc version of our Next Domino Tour from any of our shows (see Jan on the merchandise table) or if you’re really desperate to get your hands on a copy, order through our online store here:

Furthermore, if you want the show on double CD, rest assured, it’s winging it’s way to us as we type. We don’t want to put it on sale until we have it in our hands and can therefore guarantee that we can post it out but again, it will be available at all our future shows and Jan is the one to see!

Want to know a little bit about how our video was made? Check this post out from Andrew / Ampro Media: