John singing Mama at ChislehurstGearing Up For Tribfest 2012!

We’ve just had some cool photos delivered from our top photographer and guitarist, MkCo PhotoDesign (thanks Mark!). Mark will be appearing with the band at Tribfest 2012, which is THIS SATURDAY! Head over to the Tribfest 2012 website for all the details and get your tickets before they sell out. We will be performing on the VIP Marquee Stage on Saturday around 5.00pm. We’re hoping for record crowds this year!

Funny Captions Required!

Once you’ve checked out the Tribfest 2012 website, have a go at our fun game here. All we want is suggestions for a caption that we can attach to this photo of John W performing (one would assume) Mama, the track we named the band after.

So, have a think of funny captions and post them below. We look forward to your suggestions.  🙂

See you at Tribfest 2012!

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