Manc Floyd - Bury Met 2013Newsflash! Mama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute is about to issue some er, some news!

Evening people! It’s been a while since we updated our website with the latest news. We’ve been collecting little bits from here, there and everywhere to keep things informative and stimulating. I hope you agree. 🙂

Grimsby Local News Story

First up, we seem to have got a mention in the Grimsby Telegraph detailing our upcoming show on Saturday 16th March – that’s two days away! We’re not sure when the article is being published in the physical paper. In fact, it may already have been published. Let us know if you see it. You can also read the article online here.

The article features a fan video recorded at The Box in Crewe. Unlike a lot of fan videos, it’s rather good quality. Do check it out – anyone for the first 8 minutes of In The Cage Medley? Thanks Faye!

Get your tickets for our Gimsby show at Yardbirds Rock Club here.

Radio Reactions

Also from the Grimsby area, or more precisely, the Hull area, we got a quick mention from Andy Fea on WHCR last Saturday. If you tune in this Saturday, we believe we might get another mention. What’s more, if you email, text, tweet and Facebook the radio station in an all out assault, you might be able to persuade Andy to play a couple of your favourite Genesis tracks while we are on the road. Go on, I dare you! Double dare you!

Another Competition

We were contacted some weeks ago by a cool rock website called Get Your Rock Out. They wanted to cover our upcoming Prog Rock Celebration show in Hindley on the 30th March (Easter Saturday). We’ve donated two complimentary tickets to them to do a free prize draw. So if you’re feeling lucky, head over there and sign up!

You’ll find loads of rock music articles to check out and some great pictures. What’s more, after the Prog Rock Celebration event is but a distant memory, Get Your Rock Out will be publishing their pictures from the evening so do remember to check those out.

You can buy tickets for our Prog Rock Celebration show, featuring the music of Genesis, Marillion and Pink Floyd on the EventBrite website now. Don’t miss out because this is going to be the gig of all gigs!

Manc Floyd - Bury Met 2013Prog Rock Celebration

As you may recall, we are also running a similar competition on the Mama website, so you’ve got double chances of winning! All you have to do is sign up to our email newsletter on the right hand side and click the link we send you in the confirmation email. Remember, you won’t be officially signed up unless you click that link.

Interesting Pictures Of?

In case you’re wondering, the pictures within this article are NOT of Mama. Instead, we decided to feature the brilliant Manc Floyd. Pictures kindly donated by Scarlett Ordish. Thanks Scarlett! You will of course be able to see Manc Floyd at the Prog Rock Celebration show.

Help Us! We’re Melting, Melting!

Okay, we’re not witches. We’re not really melting. But we DO need your help! We’ve had three different caterers pull out of our Prog Rock Celebration show due to unforeseen circumstances, so if you happen to run a catering company and you’d like to have a crack at attempting to keep several hundred prog rock fans happily fed, now’s your chance to step up to the firing line. We’re looking for a company to bring their own raw materials (what does one call food stock?) and sell it for a reasonable price to our audience. Remember, the gig is over four and a half hours long so we will need feeding! If you’re interested, drop us an email through the Contact Us page.

Manc Floyd - Bury Met 2013Kinross Looms. Scotland Is Nigh

Our gig in Kinross is fast approaching. This will be our first venture in a foreign country! What? It’s not a foreign country? Okay well, this is our first venture outside of England. So we are hoping for a great turnout. I believe the venue has rooms you can book to stay over so there is no excuse not to join us for an all out Genesis themed party. You can even wear costumes if you like because no doubt Kev will be wearing his kilt, even though he’s about as Scottish as an Antarctic Penguin!

Last, But By No Means Least

We’d like to share a couple of videos with you. Many of you won’t have come across our friends StillMarillion. They’re a fine Marillion tribute from Scotland and they’re making the journey down on the 30th March to keep us all entertained with what is sure to be a brilliant performance at our Prog Rock Celebration show. We’ve seen Martin and the guys maybe six or seven times and we can honestly say we’ve never seen a gig that wasn’t anything short of a great performance.

We managed to sneak into their last gig in Bolton, performed at The Railway Live Music Venue. It was a cracking gig, rather loud and lots of fun. We hope the two videos below really help you appreciate how good these guys are. Enjoy!

By the way, did we mention our Prog Rock Celebration show? Did we?  🙂



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