Mama to perform two unique shows at The Citadel in St. Helens, this coming weekend!

It’s been a busy few weeks, driving up and down motorways to perform shows in Kinross followed by Newcastle. Time for a local show we say! But, not just one local show. This time, we are bringing both our Genesis set and our hits set featuring the works of Collins, Gabriel, Mike & The Mechanics (and maybe a Hackett number), to St. Helens.

So, if you want tickets for either of these shows, grab them while they’re still on sale (because you can’t grab them when they’re no longer on sale can you?). Don’t wait until Monday. Monday is too late, mostly because the shows are on Friday and Saturday nights!

So, here’s everything you need:

Friday 7th October 2016 – Mama – Genesis set – The Citadel, St. Helens

Saturday 8th October 2016 – Mama – Collins, Gabriel, Mechanical Mike set – The Citadel, St. Helens

And with that little bit of news out there on the information superhighway, we’ve got a couple of videos to share with you.

First up is Carpet Crawlers:

And the second video? Well, that’ll be Follow You Follow Me:

Both of these videos were recorded at our recent show at Thornton Little Theatre. You may notice they feature our new guitarist Darren Dean. Darren has now got our entire current Genesis set programmed into his rather nifty Genesis Super Computer and is ready to hit the stage at all our upcoming shows, but before that happens, our departing guitarist Mark Comish is set to say his goodbyes at The Citadel this weekend. So if you know Mark, want to know Mark, don’t know Mark or just have some rotting vegetables to throw out, be sure to come along and join us for either (or both) a Genesis party or a solo hits extravaganza. Side note, does anyone know what the origin of the word extravaganza is?!?!

Hope to see some of you (if not all of you!) this weekend at The Citadel. Leave us a comment or three below, to let us know what you think of the videos.  🙂

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