The first time you ever heard the Duke Album?

Don’t you just love hearding a brand new album for the very first time? It’s kinda unfortunate that all of us, without exception, can only ever heard a specific album for the first time, once. I know that’s really obvious, but what if you could experience a first time listen again, even though you already heard it? You’d be up for some Genesis then wouldn’t you?

Reaction videos? What’s that then?

Youtube has millions of “reaction videos”. For those that are not aware, a reaction video is usually made by a music fan that has never heard a piece of music before and is therefore reacting to what they are seeing and hearing for the first time. It’s a great way to experience great music again, through the eyes of the uninitiated. There are thousands of people creating reaction videos on Youtube and many of them are pretty awful, but one that we’ve found is an American called Doug Helvering. Doug is a classical composer and university lecturer in music. Put simply, he knows his stuff, he’s educational and he loves hearing new Genesis. Recently, he posted a full album reaction to the entire Duke album.

We had a great time watching the video and so we thought we’d share it here so you could live again! Hope you enjoy what Doug has to tell us about Duke!  🙂