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Mama will perform their 2012 show at Moses Gate Farnworth, Saturday 8th September 2012

If you’re a regular at Moses Gate Live Music Venue in Farnworth, then you’ll know what great a great atmosphere this venue provides for the many live bands that perform there. Soon it will be our turn to hit the stage for the first time (though some of the guys in the band have performed many times at this venue in the past).

To celebrate our Moses Gate show, we’ve decided to release a new video that some of the guys in the band would have performed here in the past. It’s time for a Phil Collins number! We hope you enjoy!  🙂


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TWR Online Reviews Mama Launch Show!

TWR Online logoThis review of the Mama launch show appeared in issue #79 of The Waiting Room Online yesterday. Many Too Many thanks to TWR Online and to Alan Hewitt for allowing us to reproduce it here, in full. When you’ve read it, head over to TWR Online to see the pictures. There’s a fair few!

TWR Online is the definitive Genesis web-fanzine featuring all the news, reviews, interviews and more concerning Genesis and related projects.

“Genesis Reinvented” – The debut gig by Mama at the Pacific Road Arts Centre Birkenhead 23rd March 2012. Review and photographs by Alan Hewitt.

Many of our readers were probably like me, mourning the loss of Face Value who called it a day at the end of last year. Fortunately, a new band, phoenix-like has arisen from the ashes of that band and I had the pleasure of taking in their last day of rehearsal and very first gig at the soon to be closing, Pacific Road Arts Centre one of the North West’s finest concert venues.

The rehearsal gave me every confidence that here was another band which the fans would love and one which was prepared to expand the envelope in some surprising ways! Arriving at the venue in time to catch the tail end of the sound check, the band sounded remarkably composed although they admitted in the intervening time before the show commenced to some understandable first night nerves.

These didn’t show as the band took to the stage and opened the show with the medley of or as Phil used to introduce it “pieces from our album called Duke” which incorporated Duke’s Travels/Duke’s End leading into a thunderous version of Turn It On Again, which got the crowd suitably warmed up. One thing was noticeable from the get go, the addition of new boy Mark “The Beast Of Bengal” Conroy on bass and the phenomenal drumming of James Cooper whom some of you may remember from the short-lived Moonlit Nite band, has turned an already remarkable musical unit into a fully fledged band. View full article »

Follow You Follow Me, Recorded At Pacific Road Arts Centre

Follow You Follow Me video from the Mama launch show at Pacific Road Arts Centre, 23rd March 2012

It’s definitely time for a new website update and after we ran a poll on our Facebook page, it was decided that Follow You Follow Me was the next track to post. So, here it is!

Have you got your tickets for the next Mama show? Bolton Albert Halls, 4th May 2012. Tickets are available from the Bolton Albert Halls website.


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New Video Release – Squonk at Pacific Road!

Mama at Pacific Road Arts Centre, 23rd March 2012 – Squonk

We will keep the words to a minimum here, save only to remind you to get your tickets for the upcoming Mama show at Bolton Albert Halls, Friday 4th May 2012. It’s going to be a scorching show!

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On the 23rd March, Mama performed their first ever show. We’d like to share a great review from the Congleton Chronical with you.

“Tribute bands come and go, and indeed the whole tribute scene seems to be slowing down, but those paying homage to the big prog bands still seem to draw the crowds. Maybe it’s because of the general inactivity of the real thing, and indeed, Genesis remain a sleeping dinosaur. We 50 year-old men live in hope but in the meantime, “Mama” are a very acceptable alternative on a Friday night. In Birkenhead.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the now defunct “Face Value”, one of the most successful and long-lasting Genesis tributes, this was their very first show, and the next to last concert to be held at the Pacific Arts Centre, a fantastic 800-capacity venue in Beirut Birkenhead. It’s council-owned, hence why it’s shutting. The last show, the night after, was by a Rush tribute, so my first paragraph refers.

Tonight’s gig was a treat for Genesis fans of all eras, and indeed, that’s part of the bands marketing, and even a Gabriel number and Steve Hackett instrumental were thrown in for good measure, the latter rather more successful and actually a highlight of the setlist, along with “Mama” itself, opening the second half, “Domino” (closing the first), and a jolly fine stab at the “In the cage” medley, including the “Cinema show” section that invariably sets my spine vibrating.

Similarly, the closing section of “The musical box” was awesome, and would carry even more impact if segued onto something else, as Genesis themselves often did. Indeed, as the band grows in confidence, its own, unique medley arrangement should not be a task beyond their undoubted talents. Despite some first-night nerves, the musicianship was first-class, as it has to be not only to be anything like a “tribute” to the original masterclass act, but also to satisfy those sad 50-yearold blokes I mentioned, like me, who know every note and make mental notes of any missed.

A particular nod of respect to the drummer who was as relaxed as Phil himself and added his own personality as well as paying respect to the original arrangement. Class. These boys will only get better — and bigger — and the first gigs already include an ambitious date at the Albert Halls in Bolton, but rather closer (and cosier) is the Box in Crewe on Saturday, 19th May. Treat yourself.”

Thanks to Andy Banks / Congleton Chronical for allowing us to reproduce their review in its entirety.

Are you wondering what you missed? Check out the video below:

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