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100 Shows for Mama!

An evening of Genesis music The Cavern LiverpoolMama chalks ups 100 shows this weekend at The Cavern in Liverpool!

Someone once said, “Time flies when you are having fun,” and for the members of Mama, never a truer word was spoken.

Formed in late 2011, Mama announced their arrival with a website headline, The World is about to be rocked again by the music of Genesis. Rehearsals started in January 2012 and over the past five years the band has worked hard to perform the music of Genesis live in theatres all over the UK.

A first time for everyone

The first show was at the Pacific Road Arts Centre in Birkenhead on Friday 23rd March 2012 and by sheer coincidence the band are back on the Wirral to celebrate their five year anniversary in March 2017. Two performances are lined up at the Floral Hall in New Brighton on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th March. View full article »

Today we decided to create a new product for you. It’s round and flat and it would appear to emit noises when placed carefully in a CD player. We have therefore concluded that this product, is an audio CD.

Five Tracks Live by Mama

On the front, it features our band logo with the name MAMA in big, capital letters. Underneath the logo are some colourful little pictograms that remind us of the British supergroup, Genesis.

Sandwiched between the band logo and those funny little Genesis-esque icons, there are words. The words appear to be a track listing. There are ten items in the list. Strangely though, the story doesn’t end there. You see, the first item in the list is Duke Suite, which isn’t a song. Following Duke Suite, we have Behind The Lines, Duchess, Guide Vocal and Turn It On Again. These are most definitely tracks that the CD contains for your listening pleasure. So it’s fair to say that the first half of the CD contains a list of what looks like five tracks, made up of four tracks, but are actually one big track.

On the second half of the CD, again sandwiched between the Mama logo and the pretty graphics below, lies another list of five tracks. All of these are indeed genuine tracks. But again, we’ve sown the seeds of confusion because two of those songs, namely Many Too Many and Musical Box are performed by Mama as a continuous track. A single track if you like. So the list of five becomes four. The remaining tracks are No Son of Mine, Spectral Mornings and Afterglow.

I hate maths!

This is where it gets extremely confusing. We even had to bring in our resident maths teacher Dave, to help us with our sums. It turns out that our new product can thus be scientifically described in the following way:

((5-1)/4)+(3+(2-1)) = Five Tracks Live

That my friends, is how you make a bunch of CDs you already printed containing nine tracks, into an album called Five Tracks Live! Make no mistake; ALL of these tracks are recorded live, even if we’re not really sure just how many there are!

An Evening of Genesis Music with Mama at The Brindley, RuncornThe next show?

You can of course secure your copy exclusively at a Mama show near you, which brings me to this weekend. Saturday to be precise! We will be performing our show at The Brindley Arts Complex in Runcorn on Saturday 25th July 2015. Tickets are selling very well for this show, but there are some left so be quick and buy them. They’re for sale on the Brindley website or you can call the box office on 0151 907 8360.

Now I really need a lie down. Maths was never my strong subject!

Tickets On Sale For Lowton Show!

Mama, live in Lowton!Mama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band release two new tracks recorded live from the sound desk at O2 Academy Islington


Thanks to everyone who came to see our show at O2 Academy Islington. We had a great night despite the rush to get out at the end so that we could be out of the local emissions zone before our pass ran out. Luckily, we made it! Our next show is in Lowton at The Rose Centre (formerly Lowton Civic Hall) on Saturday 12th July 2014. Tickets are now on sale for this show, priced £15.00 plus the booking fee. Tickets will also be on sale on the night priced £17.00. You can buy tickets online from the EventBrite box office.

Free tracks to download

This week, we’ve got two tracks to share with you. Both of these tracks were recorded straight from our sound desk at London’s O2 Academy Islington. First up, we have Fading Lights:

The next track we’re going to share is our version of Carpet Crawl, which we normally tag Selling England By The Pound to the front of. We’ve included both for your pleasure:

A new bass player

In other news, we will shortly be closing our recruitment process for the bass player position within Mama. We’ve had lots of interest from all over the North West and so if you’re interested in the gig, get your application in fast! Really fast! You can apply by contacting us through our Contact page on this very website, telling us a bit about yourself and sending us some links to online audio and video of yourself in action.

Buy tickets for Mama at Lowton Civic Hall!

Other shows coming up

Don’t forget, we have other shows coming up in the near future. If you’re not able to get to Lowton to see the band in a couple of weeks, you can also catch the band in Thornton-Cleveleys and Warrington. For a full list of our shows, please check our gig page.

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Mama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band performing Afterglow

The band are finally recovered from the weekend. That was a lot of work, two gigs including a video shoot!

Special thanks to everyone who attended our show in Bacup. We’ve been loading video footage onto our edit systems ever since Saturday and tonight we finally got to play around with the multitrack recording. Here’s Afterglow (it’s a quick mix!):

We’ll probably be releasing the DVD of the show in early to mid January 2014. There’s also consideration for a CD version and a Blu-ray version as we shot everything in HD. The entire production is being done in house with extremely limited resources (like, no money!) and we’ll also be producing the physical discs ourselves. Demand for the video may well outstrip our ability to deliver until we can build a healthy stock.

Important: The first place we will be advertising our new video is to our email newsletter subscribers. If you’re already subscribed, you’ll be first to know about the release. If you’re not subscribed, do so now. Simply put your name and email address in the boxes on the right hand side and when the confirmation email arrives (within seconds!), click the link in the email to confirm. Simples.  🙂

Peter Gabriel - Live at Phones 4 U Arena, ManchesterPeter Gabriel, live at the Manchester Phones 4 U Arena, Friday 25th October 2013

Having missed the ‘So’ tour back in 1987 (probably due to concentrating on the Genesis tour around the same time) I was pleased to see that Peter was performing the whole of my favourite album of his on a new tour. This ‘Whole of one album’ seems to be a concept that is catching on with many artists and bands and indeed is one that Mama are looking at in 2014. I can see the attraction both for artist and fans alike. Structured chunk of the set list for artist and fans get to experience songs that perhaps have never been played live before.

I must admit I was a little concerned about the rigors of a such tour on Peter’s voice which let’s face it is 27 years older now than when ‘So’ was recorded. Those songs are not easy to sing live I would imagine. That aside I was really looking forward to the show. The MEN Arena (Phones 4 U Arena sounds daft sorry) is a cavernous building which I have visited several times now and never been impressed by. Sound is usually poor and silly charges for drinks and food, but needs must I suppose. I took my wife (Lisa) and daughter (May) with me and also managed to get my mate Dave Broome (part time Mama roadie) a ticket. We arrived in good time and Lisa and May took their seats while Dave and I had a beer (at more than extortionate prices I might add) and met up with some friends for a chat.

Has it started?

Suddenly I heard Peter introduce the two ladies who were supporting him so I left Dave chatting and took my seat with Lisa and May. The ladies both sang two songs each which I really enjoyed. Cello and Xylophone are so underused in ‘rock’ music and it was great to hear something a bit different. I managed an all too brief chat with some more friends about the show in the interval before a group of people walked on the stage and signed Peter’s song ‘Blood Of Eden’. I later learned that this was the Warrington Sign Choir (you can donate here).

Peter Gabriel, live at MEN Arena / Phones 4 U Arena, ManchesterHouse lights anyone? Anyone?

A few minutes later and Peter walked onto the stage. This was a little surprising as the main house lights had not been switched off. He sat at his piano stage left and explained that the show was to be ‘served’ in three courses, like a good meal.

Starter: Acoustic set including a song that he was still ‘working out’.

Main course: Some of the more ‘experimental songs’ played with electric instruments.

Dessert: The whole of the ‘So’ album. View full article »