dave legends of rock 2015Dave’s Tour Log – Issue 1 – Legends of Rock weekend, March 7th 2015

It’s 8.00am and I am sitting in Betty, the name lovingly given to the Mama tour van. I’m with John W, James and Andrew as we set off on our epic trip from the North West to Great Yarmouth. The weather is gorgeous and we all have a spring in our step. The van is in good form and we head off on the open road (well, the M6 anyway) and the conversation varies from music to maths – yes maths.

It was going very nicely thank you, until a car pulled up in front of us and flashed FOLLOW ME through its back window. So we exited the motorway and found ourselves driving into a Police check area. Lots of questions flashed through our minds! Did we insure the van? YES. Is the MOT up to date? YES. Do the tyres have legal tread? YES. Should we ask the Policeman to amend his car sign to say FOLLOW YOU first? Er NO. JW is wearing his Mama T-shirt and one of the Policemen is a big Genesis fan. He approaches John and asks him a key question, “What era do you do?”

“All era’s matey!” That said we pass the test and drive back onto the motorway.

Sat Nav & Radio issues

We are using Andrew’s mobile phone sat nav as the one in the van isn’t very good. The last time we turned it on it simply said, “You are lost!” While Andrew is resting his eyes, we think about attaching his phone to the radio so that we can hear it advising us on which way to go. Unfortunately the van’s radio came free in a Christmas Cracker and as such does not appear to allow you to manually tune in to particular radio frequencies, so we need Andrew awake to tell us which way to go. This is the point where Andrew defines the term “normal” as meaning one who has a broken radio and will get it repaired. Clearly JW isn’t normal. View full article »