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Interview With A Sound Engineer

Mama at The Cavern, LiverpoolMama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band today interviews Andrew, their sound engineer

Today we thought we’d depart from our usual trick of interviewing musicians and instead focus on some of the more technical aspects of our show. To this end, we consulted with our sound engineer who also doubles as our in-house technical guy for the website, marketing, promotion and many other aspects of running the band.

Andrew is a professional videographer and sound engineer in the real world. He also runs a small business doing marketing consulting for other small businesses. You can find out more about him on his website: www.carillonvideo.co.uk

But first, the news….

But before we get to the interview, we thought we’d share a few snippets of news that you might be interested in. First up, The Cavern (Liverpool) looms large in our diary. This Friday which is the 29th January, we will be live in front of one of the biggest crowds we have played, if you don’t count the festival type shows we have done in the past. So, if you want tickets there are still a few left and they’re available direct from the Cavern website.

Following on from The Cavern, we have two shows at The Lion Quays, Shropshire. Friday 19th Feb will be a Genesis only set. Saturday 20th Feb will be a hits set (featuring Genesis, Mike & The Mechanics, Gabriel and Collins solo stuff). You can get tickets from the Mundell Music website.

Special guest star

Coming up later in the year, we have something a little different for you. Mama will be performing at The Slade Rooms (Wolverhampton) on Saturday 2nd April and we will have a special support act. The John Hackett Band will with us for a truly memorable event. You can buy tickets for this show on the Wolverhampton Civic website.

And now, here’s the interview in full:

Mama: Hi Andrew! How’s it going?
Andrew: It’s going well, if a little busy! I’m not exactly used to being interviewed though, so you’ll have to bear with me! 🙂
Mama: Okay, well let’s start with something easy then. How did you get into all this technical stuff?
Andrew: Well, when I was a child, I always wanted to be an airline pilot. I am not sure why, even now, but it might have been something to do with all those dials, buttons and switches. I think I just like complicated things. Due to the fact that I was born with a significant hearing loss, I couldn’t do that, so I ended up falling in love with doing sound for live bands. Ironic, I know. Fortunately for me, my dad was always involved with a band and I spent my entire youth traipsing around the North West, visiting theatres and all manner of venues, putting in sound systems. It’s probably fair to say I have personally been in virtually every theatre in the area at one time or another. When I hit adulthood, I went to university to study pro audio and video for four years and after that, I started my own business doing pro audio. Nowadays, I also do pro video.

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Mama at Warrington Parr Hall & PyramidMama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band presents their next show at Warrington Parr Hall / Pyramid Complex!

It’s summer time. We’re just about recovered from our last show at Thornton Little Theatre. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and came down to see the band perform. It was very much appreciated. The audience plays a big role in making a show great and Thornton was one of our greatest yet!

Our next show is at Warrington Parr Hall & Pyramid Complex on Saturday 2nd August 2014. If you want tickets, we would suggest buying in advance because our last show at this venue pretty much sold out. We’ve already sold half the tickets and normally we tend to sell the main bulk of tickets in the week running up to the show, which is er, right now! So get on it pronto if you want to come to our Genesis party! Tickets are once again available from our EventBrite box Office priced £15.00 plus a small booking fee.

Thornton Rocks. We Have Proof!

Were you at our Thornton show? Why not watch our videos below, taken from that very gig, then leave us a comment at the bottom of this page? Here’s the opening number from the show, Behind The Lines (thanks to Bazza for manning the camera):


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Mama Rehearsal – 8th January 2012

As promised, here’s part two of the first Mama rehearsal that took place in Genesis Capital – that’s Bolton! If you missed part one, find it here.

The password to the video can be found on our Mama Facebook page. It’s again posted on our wall. If you’re heading over to Facebook, be sure to click ‘like’ before you come back to view the video!


Mama – Rehearsal 8th Jan 2012 (part 2) from Mama Genesis on Vimeo.

As before, the disclaimer still stands. You can find it in the original post for part one. You can see more work from our videographer on the Carillon Video website.

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Mama Rehearsal – 8th January 2012

Yesterday, the guys in the band put together a rehearsal. This was to be the first time that all the band members played together so it was going to be interesting. As a professional videographer, I thought it would be cool to share some video footage of the session but before I do, I’d like to add an official disclaimer….

These are not professionally shot and edited videos! I simply threw something together in a single take, using two cameras. I didn’t even put them on tripods or white balance them! Neither did I spend more than ten minutes editing them both.

So, now you know that you’re not supposed to be judging my professional video skills, here is the first of two videos. You will need to visit our Facebook page to find out the password to access it. It’s posted on our Facebook wall. Whilst you’re there, please ‘like’ our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy the video! 🙂


Mama – Rehearsal 8th Jan 2012 (part 1) from Mama Genesis on Vimeo.

In anticipation of a few questions:

  1. Yes that is me running around on the stage with a video camera.
  2. No I did not know my bald patch was that big.
  3. Cameras were Sony Z5E and Sony FX1 models, edited on Premiere Pro CS5 with Magic Bullet Looks 2.0. Recorded in 1080i HDV with mono audio.

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