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The News, In A Flash!

Manc Floyd - Bury Met 2013Newsflash! Mama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute is about to issue some er, some news!

Evening people! It’s been a while since we updated our website with the latest news. We’ve been collecting little bits from here, there and everywhere to keep things informative and stimulating. I hope you agree. 🙂

Grimsby Local News Story

First up, we seem to have got a mention in the Grimsby Telegraph detailing our upcoming show on Saturday 16th March – that’s two days away! We’re not sure when the article is being published in the physical paper. In fact, it may already have been published. Let us know if you see it. You can also read the article online here.

The article features a fan video recorded at The Box in Crewe. Unlike a lot of fan videos, it’s rather good quality. Do check it out – anyone for the first 8 minutes of In The Cage Medley? Thanks Faye!

Get your tickets for our Gimsby show at Yardbirds Rock Club here.

Radio Reactions

Also from the Grimsby area, or more precisely, the Hull area, we got a quick mention from Andy Fea on WHCR last Saturday. If you tune in this Saturday, we believe we might get another mention. What’s more, if you email, text, tweet and Facebook the radio station in an all out assault, you might be able to persuade Andy to play a couple of your favourite Genesis tracks while we are on the road. Go on, I dare you! Double dare you! View full article »

Beaverwood Club Cancelled. Riga Club Added!

Beaverwood Club show cancelled!

Unfortunately, we have had one of our shows cancelled. The Beaverwood Club in Chislehurst, Kent has had to cancel our show on Sunday 7th October 2012 due to a double booking with a private party.

If you have already bought tickets for this show then you need to contact the promoter to get a refund. This show was not organised by Mama so unfortunately we cannot do anything about it. If you were planning on attending this show, might we suggest you check out our show the night before at The Boom Boom Club, just up the road in Sutton? The Boom Boom Club always has a great atmosphere and you’ll not be dissappointed!

We will be working with The Beaverwood to put a new show in the diary for this venue, next year.

Riga Live Music Club

Riga Live Music Club booked!

On the upside, we now have a new show organised for you. This one will be on the same date (Sunday 7th October 2012) at The Riga Live Music Club in Westcliff-on-Sea. So if you’re in the area, please feel free to buy some tickets and come along to see the band. We’d love to have you along for the ride. Tickets for this show are priced at £6.00 advance and £8.00 on the door. You can buy tickets from The Riga Live Music Club website.

Riga Club
228 London Road

106.9 WHCR FM Radio logoMama featured on 106.9 WHCR Radio!

That’s right! Straight after the band came off stage at Tribfest, a rather excitable Andy Fea came bounding over to see us and wanted to do a short interview for the station. Andy is a Genesis fan – no surprises there! He thrust his microphone out and began telling us all about how much he enjoyed seeing the band on stage. We don’t think John was sure what to make of it until introductions were made and the interview got underway.

106.9 WHCR Radio, based in Hull, have kindly allowed us to use the interview on our website. You can listen to it in full here:

So remember, if you’re in Hull then tune into 106.9 WHCR FM and catch Andy Fea. He’ll be sure to tell you if there is anything Genesis related happening in the local area. In fact, why not wait until he’s on-air and then phone the station to tell him that you’re also a Genesis fan! I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.  🙂

Has Twitter gone mad?

In other news, we’ve noticed a serious surge in our followers on Twitter. We’re not exactly sure why these things occur but it’s all good. So if you’re not on Twitter, have a look at our Twitter Feed, join up and enter the party why don’t you?

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On the 23rd March, Mama performed their first ever show. We’d like to share a great review from the Congleton Chronical with you.

“Tribute bands come and go, and indeed the whole tribute scene seems to be slowing down, but those paying homage to the big prog bands still seem to draw the crowds. Maybe it’s because of the general inactivity of the real thing, and indeed, Genesis remain a sleeping dinosaur. We 50 year-old men live in hope but in the meantime, “Mama” are a very acceptable alternative on a Friday night. In Birkenhead.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the now defunct “Face Value”, one of the most successful and long-lasting Genesis tributes, this was their very first show, and the next to last concert to be held at the Pacific Arts Centre, a fantastic 800-capacity venue in Beirut Birkenhead. It’s council-owned, hence why it’s shutting. The last show, the night after, was by a Rush tribute, so my first paragraph refers.

Tonight’s gig was a treat for Genesis fans of all eras, and indeed, that’s part of the bands marketing, and even a Gabriel number and Steve Hackett instrumental were thrown in for good measure, the latter rather more successful and actually a highlight of the setlist, along with “Mama” itself, opening the second half, “Domino” (closing the first), and a jolly fine stab at the “In the cage” medley, including the “Cinema show” section that invariably sets my spine vibrating.

Similarly, the closing section of “The musical box” was awesome, and would carry even more impact if segued onto something else, as Genesis themselves often did. Indeed, as the band grows in confidence, its own, unique medley arrangement should not be a task beyond their undoubted talents. Despite some first-night nerves, the musicianship was first-class, as it has to be not only to be anything like a “tribute” to the original masterclass act, but also to satisfy those sad 50-yearold blokes I mentioned, like me, who know every note and make mental notes of any missed.

A particular nod of respect to the drummer who was as relaxed as Phil himself and added his own personality as well as paying respect to the original arrangement. Class. These boys will only get better — and bigger — and the first gigs already include an ambitious date at the Albert Halls in Bolton, but rather closer (and cosier) is the Box in Crewe on Saturday, 19th May. Treat yourself.”

Thanks to Andy Banks / Congleton Chronical for allowing us to reproduce their review in its entirety.

Are you wondering what you missed? Check out the video below:

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