James Profile PictureThe Backbone Of Mama, Live On The Drums, Mr James Cooper!

James’ interest in drumming started at an early age (about 12) when he watched Genesis live at Wembley on their Invisible Touch tour, on a friends video. The Collins / Thompson drum duet captured his imagination and he would spend hours watching it and trying to copy what they were playing, on his friends kit.

James has played in many cover bands over the years as well as practicing Genesis tracks at home, hoping one day to play these tracks live himself. After seeing Genesis on the We Can’t Dance Tour at Roundhey Park in Leeds, then at Old Trafford in 2007, he tried his own Genesis band / project. Moonlit Knight was born and had some very good reviews but as with lots of other bands or projects, family and other matters had to come first.

Living The Dream

The following year (early 2011), James was asked to join Liverpool based Pink Floyd tribute band Pink Floydish. James played with ‘Floydish’ for best part of 2011 but Genesis was something he still really wanted to do. Later that year James was approached to join Mama and the rest as they say, is history.

Favourite Genesis tracks: One For The Vine (3 Sides Live), Dukes Medley (Duke Tour 1980)

Favourite Genesis tours: 1976 tour, 1980 tour

Non-Genesis favourite track: And So To F, Brand X

Non-Genesis favourite band: I like lots of other stuff so can’t say for sure 🙂

As well as Phil Collins and Chester Thompson being his main influences, James also likes Stuart Copland (Police), Jon Bonham (Led Zepplin), Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker (Cream).

Previous bands: The Contenders (covers band), Purple Haze (Jimmy Hendrix tribute – R.I.P Phil Powell, guitarist), Out The Blue (classic rock covers band), Crows In The Cornfield (studio band), Moonlit Knight (Genesis tribute band).

Equipment: 7 piece Sonor birch kit with Sonor maple snare, Sabian HH and AA Cymbals

Mark Comish (Guitars) – Mark Co - BiogJealous brother, con man or just a child in love with a guitar shaped vegetable?

Mark Comish was 11 years old and wondering what he could get out of his parents after his brother John had just received a shiny new Bontempi organ. So began a lifelong love affair with the six string beast!

Originally an acoustic player, Mark fell in love with Genesis and in particular the Hackett acoustic sound from a very early age, struggling through fledgling attempts at ‘Horizons’ and ‘Blood on the Rooftops’ before becoming bewitched by the seductive appeal of the ‘vegetarian guitar’ (ask a true Hackett fan).

Do they have engineers in Greece?

Guitar playing took a back seat for a few years whilst he studied to become an engineer, but came back with a vengeance when, in typical Mark Co fashion he fell off the planet for 17 years by running off to a Greek holiday island working as a photographer, scuba diver, musician and all round debaucherer!

Experienced muso turns to Genesis!

Over the years, playing a huge array of styles to suit different singers and playing seven nights a week every week, Mark soon built up a formidable amount of performing experience and this was to form the foundation of an offer to play the music of his all time favourite band with the now defunct Face Value.

Fast forward a few years, Mark Co was approached to share the role of guitarist with Mama, an offer he just couldn’t refuse. Now he’s the bands full time guitarist!

Favourite Music: Genesis, Steve Hackett, Andy Latimer, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, The Dixey Chicks and of course….LUCIANO! (doesn’t everybody?)

Favourite Genesis songs: Afterglow, Blood on the Rooftops, In The Cage Medley, Watcher of the Skies, Your Own Special Way (particularly Steves’ version with Paul Carrack. Sorry Phil!)

Favourite (only) Genesis Concerts attended: NEC ’81 (twice in three days!!), Roundhay Park (Invisible Touch tour  –  Sound was awful wasn’t it? Or maybe I was stood in the wrong place?)

You can find more information about Mark Co on his own website, MkCo PhotoDesign.

Dave - Bass for MamaDave Perry (Bass) – Is he a pro in disguise?

Dave has been playing bass guitar for the last 20+ years and working semi professionally for the last 12 years. He has worked in massively varied bands over the years from jazz, blues, soul, rock and always carries with him the most professional attitude.

He has worked with a number of top tribute acts over the years (Pink Floyd, U2, Hendrix, Brian Adams, Blues Brothers) along with numerous one off sessions, being called upon to help out with gigs when current live work commitments allow.

“I was always a massive fan of prog rock and cut my bass playing teeth listening to Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd and Marillion. Rush – 2112 was a simple revelation for me as a bass player. Genesis came along much later and I went from owning no genesis albums to the full catalogue in the space of a few weeks.”

He loves colouring things in!

As well as running his own architectural / engineering practice (Extended Design), Dave is the Director of Extended Audio Design which specialise in custom bass guitar cabinets and produces a range of specific full range three way bass guitar cabinets.

Yep, he’s tight. Must be a pro then!

Dave’s tight and technical playing style sits perfectly alongside drummer James forming a considerable rhythm section.

As well as playing bass Dave has worked for several years in the pro sound & lighting reproduction industry, providing live sound engineering for other bands and artists. He brings further knowledge of this side of the industry along with him to Mama.

Favourite Genesis track: Domino (although it tends to vary on a week by week basis)

Gear: Mark Bass amplification, my own designed EAD Foundation 212 speaker cabinets, pair of custom ACG 5 string bass guitars, Roland PK5 MIDI pedals

Chris - Guitars for Mama, the UKs 'all era' Genesis tribute bandChris O’Connell – Classical Guitar, Floyd Style

Chris first started playing guitar when he was 15. He was heavily into the classic guitar solos that Dave Gilmour wrote for Pink Floyd. He quickly joined Mabel Fletcher on a music course and spent a year there, studying.

Commercial Genesis Leads To Classic Genesis

Chris had always liked the Genesis commercial catalogue and was introduced to Trick Of The Tail, Wind & Wuthering and Seconds Out. As you probably guessed, he was blown away! From there, Chris made his way into the tribute scene playing guitar with Carpet Crawlers. He had a break to pursue other projects then joined Face Value in 2010. He’s now relishing the opportunity to keep the Genesis flame alight with Mama in 2012, a role his shares with Mark.

Favourite albums: Trick Of The Tail, Wind & Wuthering, Duke

Favourite bands: Yes, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Steely Dan

Equipment used: Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top, Fender Stratcaster, Takamine acoustic, Pod XT effects

You can find out more about Chris and his solo work on his Facebook page.