Mama at Warrington Parr Hall & PyramidMama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band presents their next show at Warrington Parr Hall / Pyramid Complex!

It’s summer time. We’re just about recovered from our last show at Thornton Little Theatre. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and came down to see the band perform. It was very much appreciated. The audience plays a big role in making a show great and Thornton was one of our greatest yet!

Our next show is at Warrington Parr Hall & Pyramid Complex on Saturday 2nd August 2014. If you want tickets, we would suggest buying in advance because our last show at this venue pretty much sold out. We’ve already sold half the tickets and normally we tend to sell the main bulk of tickets in the week running up to the show, which is er, right now! So get on it pronto if you want to come to our Genesis party! Tickets are once again available from our EventBrite box Office priced £15.00 plus a small booking fee.

Thornton Rocks. We Have Proof!

Were you at our Thornton show? Why not watch our videos below, taken from that very gig, then leave us a comment at the bottom of this page? Here’s the opening number from the show, Behind The Lines (thanks to Bazza for manning the camera):


Here are a few comments from people who saw the show:

I just thought that I would drop you a few lines to say how very much I enjoyed the show last night. I had read reviews and comments about the band beforehand and they were all very favourable and so I thought that I would check you guys out for myself. I am glad that I did! What a great show and a terrific band you are. I think it is probably the best £16 I have spent in my life and in exchange I got two and a half hours of Genesis classics and all in that horrendous heat! The sound was wonderful and the light show very impressive. The band is incredibly tight and you are all excellent musicians in your own right. Have any of the guys in Genesis ever seen you? If they have, they surely cannot be anything less than hugely impressed! Paul (via email)

Superb show last night in Thornton – got you one more fan now – our taxi driver! He is a huge Genesis fan – ace talking to him – first concert he went to was Knebworth 1978 – went to Six of the Best and so on. Told him all about Mama – he was amazed this was happening in his town. He picked us up afterwards and said all night in between his fares he had been coming to the Theatre and listening from outside! Craig (via email)

We think Craig should phone the taxi company up and tell them their driver can come right here and see what he missed!

Right after Behind The Lines, the band launched straight into Duchess, presented here to remind you what a great time we had on stage:



Finally (for today at least – we’ll post more videos in the coming days and weeks), the band performed Guide Vocal:



We hope you enjoyed the videos. Remember, you can leave a comment below to tell us what you think / suggest new songs for our set list or even tell us what you thought of the venue! If you’re not already subscribed to our email newsletter, pop your first name and email address into the boxes in the top right hand corner and we can then tell you about new website updates and shows in your area going forwards. We promise not to spam you or sell your details to any third party marketing companies. We nice like that.  🙂

See you in Warrington people!

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