Mama wouldn’t be able to function without a dedicated production team around it. The band would like to mention those who repeatedly give their all for the band and their passion for all things Genesis.

Julie Thompson - Merchandise and Gig Fixer - Mama, Genesis tribute bandJulie Thompson – Borrowing CDs and Never Returning them!

Julie first became a fan of Genesis when she ‘borrowed’ the Invisible Touch CD from her brother. He never got it back! Ignoring all her school friend’s comments about her choice of music, she went on to use her hard earned money from her Saturday job to buy Duke, A Trick of The Tail and Phil Collins solo albums.

Crazy Travelling

Having been a fan for many years but having never had the chance to see either Genesis or Phil play live, Julie jumped at the chance to see what had been described to her as ‘the next best thing’ – Face Value. Once was not enough and numerous trips from the North of Scotland followed with Julie becoming more and more involved with the band. This culminating in persuading the guys to make a journey up north to do a gig in Inverness for charity.

Many flights, train journeys and miles driven later, Julie had become ‘unofficial’ photographer, catering manager, roadie… the list goes on.

Not knowing how she was going to fill her weekends once Face Value ended, she jumped at the chance to become involved with Mama. She now designs and runs our intelligent lighting system at each show and and has yet to get a single pizza (or pie) order wrong!

Favourite Genesis songs: Domino, Afterglow, Many Too Many, Ripples

Favourite bands: Genesis, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Runrig

Mama Genesis Tribute Sound Engineer - AndrewCan’t hear? Become A Sound Engineer!

Having always wanted to spend his life flying passenger planes around the world, Andrew was gutted when he realised ‘they’ wouldn’t let him due to his hearing loss. Therefore, he wisely decided to become a sound engineer. As a drummer, he already appreciated the fine art of making ‘din’ so he went off to Salford University to do four years of study in professional audio and video systems.

Emerging from the student life he was presented with a Genesis video (live at Wembley Stadium) and instantly set about dissecting the drums, the lights and the show in general. Andrew is clearly the luckiest Genesis fan associated with Mama because he’s yet to discover all that early Genesis material out there.

A Real Job, Several Bands and The Discovery Of Money In Video

Fast forward several years, Andrew had a career in IT, several bands done and ditched (most were not that good!) and started a video production company making wedding videos. Branching into music videos, Andrew became involved in Face Value, producing three promo videos for the band and subsequently was asked if he was interested in managing the sound for the band. He refused. Repeatedly. They won.

For Mama, Andrew takes care of the website development, marketing / promotion, social media networking, video needs and of course, live sound (‘put me down for anything technical and geeky’ – he says). He values professionalism above all else and doesn’t do band politics. He also regularly prices up new equipment that he will never be able to afford.

Favourite Genesis tracks: Mama, The Old Medley, Afterglow, Tonight x 3 (as John W likes to call it), Fading Lights, Ripples, Los Endos, Many Too Many

Favourite bands: Dave Matthews Band, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Dave Matthews Band, Genesis, Queen, Yes, Phil Collins, Dave Matthews Band, John Denver, Paul Simon, Dave Weckl, Kings of Leon and Dave Matthews Band

Equipment used: Sony pro video cameras, Sennheiser radio mics, Zoom digital audio recorders, Behringer X32 console, JBL PA system, various custom built PC’s (no Macs in this house!), Adobe production software, Apple iPhone

You can see more of Andrews’ work on his Carillon Video website.

Dave Broome

Dave is our “unofficial roadie” and as such he attends shows to help in with gear, occasionally act as bouncer, and once or twice a lighting operator. Usually seen with a pint of Guiness in his hand.

Janet Margaret O’Connor Was Essien (Jan)


Jan is a devoted Genesis fan with particular fantasies involving Phil Collins… but this is a family site!

Devoted to Genesis since her teens, she discovered Face Value in a Bolton pub and quickly became a regular face (pun intended) at their shows! Intrigued by “Comish” and his All Aussie Adventures, “friendship” developed which led to her becoming Mama’s expert in MIDI connectivity and an appreciation of all things digital (you can guess who is writing this).

Jan helps JC put the Mama keyboard rig together (“I only wish she was around to take it down again instead of taking plaudits” JC) and is chief publicity officer “Can I just say, your band is very good. But can I also say, you have got a top a@#$!” (Anon prog gig goer)

And Finally, Jan has taken over the running of the bands merchandise lines. You’ll no doubt see her at shows, selling out T-shirts, CD’s and DVD’s and you’re more than welcome to put in an order with her for a few of the rarer items we don’t normally carry to our shows.

Favourite bands: Genesis, Pink Floyd , Jethro Tull, Phil Collins, George Benson, Gabe Essien.

Favourite Genesis songs: Ripples, Ripples, Ripples

Equipment used: Lots of Wires, Tight Jeans, a MAMA ‘T shirt.