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As we approach the last couple of shows in our 2013 calendar, we have started to think about the changes for 2014. Regular Mama followers know we have used Behind The Lines / Dukes End as our show opener from day one. We have tried swapping things around with Mama and Turn It On Again, but let’s face it Behind The Lines is iconic as a Genesis opener. The theory is, if it ain’t broke….

What we’re planning for 2014 is to broaden the piece from the way Genesis used it in 2007 and match it to ‘The Story of Albert’, as performed in May 1980. If you have been to a recent Mama show you will know that we now include the vocal section of Behind The Lines, segue through Duchess and Guide Vocal to close it with Turn it On Again. There is a bit missing…. a very important bit!

Dukes Travels

The band is hopeful that Dukes Travels will be rehearsed and embedded in our Duke Suite by the time we start our 2014 programme. We will then restore Dukes End in its rightful place to complete the Suite. A little later than planned but you know what they say….

Two big medleys in the set for next year (You should all know what the other one is. If you don’t then have a look around this website!). Here it comes…. The Story of Albert, Mama style!

John C

What Next?

You can catch up with Mama at our free 2013 Christmas Party / Video shoot in Bacup on the 7th December. To register for your free ticket, simply head over to our EventBrite box office website. Tickets are going real fast for this show despite the fact that we haven’t actually started advertising it yet outside of the Mama website. So book early to avoid disappointment.

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