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Jonathan Vatikiotis

Jonny V (let’s just scrap the ‘atikiotis’ for now because nobody can pronounce it!) picked up a guitar for the first time at 14 years old after seeing The Who film – The Kid’s Are Alright.

Born in Liverpool and into a life and a house of music, his earliest inspiration was his father, a prominent guitarist in Greece who moved to England to play with the Gerry McAvoy band.

Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Genesis?

From a very young age, he was exposed to a variety of music, ranging from traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music to the progressive rock sounds of the 60s and 70s. Some of his main influences include The Beatles, Hendrix, Deep Purple, Yes, Frank Zappa, and of course Genesis to name but a few.


Experienced muso turns to Genesis!

In 2000, he attended Access to Music in Manchester and completed a HND in popular music and recording. He has been gaining live performance experience since then, collaborating with a multitude of artists along the way.

Jonny V is currently a member of The Vesbim Pink Floyd Show UK performing guitar and vocals, and now takes on the guitar duties for Mama, an opportunity he is relishing and can’t wait to get stuck into.

Jonny V’s most recent project was a theatre production of Tommy, by The Who.

Favourite Genesis tracks:


Favourite Bands:


Equipment used:

Marshall JCM900 Combo Amplifier, Fender Stratocaster – Japan, Fender Stratocaster – Mexico, Gibson Les Paul Studio – USA, Epiphone EJ200, Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini, Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone Phaser, Electro-Harmonix LPB1, MXR DynaComp Compressor, Boss DD-2 Delay, Boss SD1 Overdrive, Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner, Boss GT10 Multi-Effects Guitar Processor