photoHe Loves Genesis, He Really Does!

John W has been a fan of Genesis since 1977 when he first heard A Trick Of The Tail. The album ignited his love of music in general and all things Genesis in particular. He quickly became hooked and bought all their albums from that point on.

” The first Genesis album I bought was “Seconds Out” and  it still remains my favourite live album to this very day. I quickly discovered their back catalogue and the next few years were spent saving up my pocket money, birthday money and indeed Christmas money to buy all their albums. I started trying to play the guitar as I wanted to be Steve Hackett in my dreams, and when I discovered that my fingers were not connected to my brain in the way that discipline required, I really decided I wanted to be Phil Collins instead. I did however play guitar (badly) for a couple of bands in the early 80’s which never amounted to anything until…..I answered an ad for a singer that was into Genesis to join a new covers band. I have never had the confidence to push myself in that direction, but I went for the audition on a whim really and got the job. That led to a short lived stint as a singer for a rock covers band where I met Will Carmichael. Again work followed in duo’s and trio’s playing the circuit until Face Value began with Will and Ray Pitt and I started “living the dream”.

That phrase sounds daft I know ( and it is fairly tongue in cheek) however it really is a dream for any Genesis fan to be in a band playing their songs to such a great standard with a great vibe about the personnel.

Face Value lasted eleven years and I enjoyed most of my time in the band with the various line ups but somehow ended up as the only founder member. When Face Value came to an end, I decided that I was not ready to stop singing Genesis songs just yet. My thought was to look for completely new musicians to start a new band but John Comish decided he wanted to be a part of any Genesis tribute band I was starting and so between us…Mama was born.

I really have had a great time so far in Mama and I hope that the sense of the love and respect we all have for Genesis music comes through in the shows.”

Favourite music: Genesis, Phil Collins, Yes, The Beatles, James Taylor, Rush, Pink Floyd, Frost

Favourite songs: Mama, Fading Lights, The Carpet Crawl, Ripples, In The Air Tonight, Driving The Last Spike, Los Endos, Suppers Ready

Favourite Genesis concerts attended: Saw every tour since the Abacab tour and can honestly say he has loved every concert he has seen the band do. Hard to pick out a favourite concert but if pushed, he’ll admit the Invisible Touch tour at Roundhey Park in 87

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