We Can't Dance - Album CoverWe Can’t Dance at Mama HQ either!

We’ve not updated the website for a while, so we thought we’d go hunting on the Mama Forum for some interesting conversation and we came upon We Can’t Dance.

Did you know?

Genesis recorded We Can’t Dance as their 14th and last studio album before Phil Collins left the band. Even though this is the last Collins studio album, it’s that old you could buy it on shiny new CD, double LP and cassette. Remember cassettes? 🙂

Success In The 90s

The album reached No.1 in the UK and it stayed in the charts for a total of 61 weeks. Hits for Genesis taken from this album include; I Can’t Dance, Jesus He Knows Me, No Son Of Mine and Hold On My Heart. The previous album released by Genesis was the internationally successful Invisible Touch.

As you’re probably already aware, Collins spent a lot of the 90s singing about failed relationships, yet Since I Lost You isn’t about a failed marriage or relationship. Anyone know what it was about?

Touring The World Once Again

Genesis toured during the summer of 1992 to support and promote the We Can’t Dance album. They did 55 concerts in total, 15 of which were here in the UK. Most of this tour is documented on The Longs and The Shorts albums. This was the last time Phil Collins was to appear live on stage as the lead singer of Genesis until the reunion tour of 2007.

Not a lot of people know that! Why not join the discussion over on the Mama Forum? We’d love to hear your views about all things Genesis and hear your stories. See you over there!  🙂

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