Finally it happened! Someone in the modern age of music realised that what Genesis, Yes, Floyd and all those other great guys did years ago is worthy of recognition!

It’s a shame this awards ceremony wasn’t on TV because I think everyone reading this post would probably have watched it live. But for those who haven’t heard, here’s the highlights….

2012 Prog Rock AwardsAwards for prog greats!

Here’s the full lineup on award winners:


New Blood: TesseracT
Live Event: Anathema
Grand Design: Pink Floyd’s Immersion Reissues
Anthem: Squackett’s A Life Within A Day
Album Of The Year: Rush’s Clockwork Angels
Visionary: Peter Hammill
Lifetime Achievement: Genesis
Virtuoso: Carl Palmer
Guiding Light: Steven Wilson
Prog God: Rick Wakeman


You can find the full story on the BBC News website or Prog Rock Magazine website. Also, we found this little roundup filmed on the BBC:

If you fancy joining us tomorrow night for a Genesis Lifetime Achievement party (theirs, not ours obviously!) then get yourself down to Moses Gate in Farnworth, Bolton. We’ll be performing our 2012 show and by the sounds of it, the venue is going to be pretty packed out so get there early!

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