An Evening of Genesis with Mama @ The Village Hall, North FerribyTwo shows coming up after our Summer break!

The first is a new venue near Hull, namely North Ferriby Village Hall where we have been asked to play by a local promoter who saw us at Tribfest last year. Tickets are going well and we are looking forward to seeing some of the folk who supported us at Tribfest over the last three years there. We decided to have a break from Tribfest this year but we will be returning in 2016. See our EventBrite page for tickets.

The second is a welcome return to a great venue on the Flyde coast namely Thornton Little Theatre. We sold the venue out last time and advance ticket sales are up on last year already so please book now to avoid missing out. This is a great venue with a superb atmosphere. Tickets are available on our Thornton EventBrite booking page.

The Brindley Rocks!

Just have to write a few words about the show at The Brindley in Runcorn, which was one of the best venues we have ever appeared at. Great 400 seater which we 3/4 filled. We (and the promoter) were very happy with that for a first time visit. We have already been booked back for two nights in 2016 and one of these will be our new Genesis Hits show. We did preview that show with a version of Sledgehammer which went down a storm. Considering we had only played it once in rehearsal that was quite a result!



People have asked us about the Genesis Hits show so let us clarify what it is and why we doing it. We realised that as we play longer pieces such as the Duke Suite and Home By The Sea, we missed playing some of the shorter songs we used to play. The idea was born to produce a show were we could play a set of more progressive, longer Genesis songs one night and a set of Hits by Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and Mike & The Mechanics the next night. We are going to do this in selected venues in 2016 as well as Kinross this year. Some folk will come both nights and some will pick a night that suits them, which is of course fine.

Also we now have not only a CD on our merchandise stall but some jazzy new T-shirts with an exclusive Genesis design by our very own Mark on guitars.

Dave’s Tour Log Episode 5: TRIBUTE WARS

Episode 5: The Empire Strikes First

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

Late into the night the hedgehog looked up from the middle of the road to see the pattern of stars in the sky. A roaring sound came from behind it, followed by a woosh as a huge white object flashed across the sky above. It was the last thing the hedgehog saw as it was squashed by the white van.

An Evening of Genesis with Mama @ The Village Hall, North Ferriby

Meanwhile on Planet Geonosis, the Mama Rebel Forces received a message from a source far away. “General Wilkoni, a month ago you served my friends in the Bridgnorth Muzak Wars. Now we beg you to help us in our struggle against the evil Muzak Empire. I regret that I am unable to present our request to you in person, but I have placed information vital to the survival of the Rebellion into the memory systems of this email, hoping you will know how to retrieve it. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, John Wan-Wilkoni. You’re our only hope.”

John Wan-Wilkoni sent out a transmission to assemble his troops and one by one they answered the call. James Scouse-Walker, John Keyboard-Solo, Mark Guitar-Yoda and Dave Crisp-Chewa. JWW had managed to decipher the email and knew the message came from the Trading Boundaries Federation.

JWW said, “I have felt a great disturbance in the force as if thousands of voices suddenly cried out and said ‘Oh no! Not smooth jazz!” so we must head off immediately.”



JWW, James Scouse-Walker, Dave Crisp-Chewa along with Dave Broom-Ewok headed off in the Million Fault Van. After leaving the atmosphere of Planet Geonosis, they jumped into light speed (well, hit 60 miles per hour) and headed off down the Milky Motorway. They jumped out of light speed several par-secs away from their destination and landed on Planet Warwickshire. They set off towards the Spaceport Services where Dave Crisp Chewa went to STARbucks for a drink and John Wan-Wilconi headed to KFC and ordered a meal with a drink. The assistant said to him “I’m afraid if you want tea I will need some identification.”

“You don’t need to see my identification.”

“I don’t need to see your identification.”

“Tea isn’t the drink I am looking for.”

“Tea isn’t the drink you are looking for.”

“I can go about my business!”

You can go about your business!”

They left the services and made haste towards the home of the Trading Boundaries Federation.



They arrived at a beautiful venue and were met by friendly folk who went out of their way to make them feel welcome. James Scouse-Walker looked at the idyllic views from the balcony and declared, “I got a very good feeling about this!”

As they started to lift their equipment out of the Million Fault Van, James Scouse-Walker and Dave Broom-Ewok struggled to carry the drum equipment in both hands. “Use the Force, James!” said John Wan-Wilkoni. “The Force is off!” came his reply. At least, I think that is what he said.

They set about assembling their special transmission unit that would enable the locals to overcome the evil empire of Muzak. As the day progressed John Keyboard-Solo and Mark Guitar-Yoda arrived. Mark said, “Remember everyone, you will find only what you bring in.” to which John Keyboard-Solo repied, “You been drinking again, kid?”

Slowly they set up their equipment and sent out a few test signals. It sounded good! Mark Guitar-Yoda said, “Ready are you, what know you of ready?”

An Evening of Genesis with Mama @ The Village Hall, North Ferriby

“Hokey Religions and ancient guitars are no match for a good Mini Moog, kid!” said John Keyboard-Solo.

They decided to re-charge their batteries by reading the sacred scrolls and looking at the ancient pictures to be found in the Roger Dean Exhibition, which happened to be next door to their dressing room! “Wow!” said John Wan Wilkoni and all the Mama Rebel Forces were stunned at the great art work and the great prices.

They got changed into their special Mama Rebel Alliance uniforms and started their transmission. They played songs about a Land of Confusion, the Travels of a Duke, the loss of the Dodo, Spirits by the Sea-side and being trapped In a Cage. By the end of the night the locals were full of good spirits. They cheered and waved as the evil empire of Muzak was crushed. Our heroes shook many hands as the locals went off into the night, happy and exhilarated.

The Mama Rebel Alliance disconnected their transmission equipment and boarded the Million Fault Van for the journey home. The set off down dark country roads. Hope the hedgehogs are asleep!

Watch out for the Mama Rebel Alliance in the next episode: Return of the Jedi Hogweed!

In Other News….

Did we forget something? Oh yes! Just a quick reminder that Steve Hackett is releasing a new DVD for sale on the 7th September and Tony Banks has just released a box set. Go buy them!  🙂

An Evening of Genesis with Mama @ The Village Hall, North Ferriby

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