An Evening of Genesis Music, with MamaDave’s Tour Log – Issue 3 – Mama Mighty Heroes, May 9th 2015

It’s time for another rather unique rambling from our bass player Dave (or should we call him Red Lantern?). But before we get to that, we’d like to quickly mention our next show.

Saturday 20th June sees us perform at Trading Boundaries, which is somewhere down south (Sheffield Green). It’s the only show that’s anywhere near the south in fact, for the next few months. So if you’re in the area, you need to grab some tickets now. To book, hit the Trading Boundaries website. Tickets are priced at £15.00 & £45.00. Why the steep price you ask? Well we believe that there are two ticket prices – one for a sit down meal and the other just for the show. We know that lots of meal tickets have gone already. In fact, we’re not rightly sure if there are any left. But there are definitely some standing tickets up for sale, so don’t delay.

This is our first venture to this fine venue and we’re really hoping to make a big impact and have a great night with as many fellow Genesis fans as possible. Hope to see you there!

As always, you can find all our latest shows on our gig page. Don’t forget to join our email newsletter on the right hand side so we can let you know when we’re in your area.


And so it was that as the sun rose in the eastern sky, to the west a huge symbol emblazoned the letter M onto a white cloud. The Mama signal was a call to arms to five musical super heroes and their side-kicks. Their leader, John W, awoke to the sound of the Mama alarm (clock) ringing in his ears. He picked up his com device (mobile phone) and sent the emergency code text to the members of the team. He had received a request for the team to make haste to Bridgnorth to help the locals in their fight against the forces of Muzak. It was decided that a scouting party would be sent in advance to make a reconnaissance of the area.

Cooperman (James) and Count Angry Von Angry Man (John C) were sent with Professor Y (Andrew), Miracle Marketer (Jan), Luminaire (Jules) and Bell Boy (Dale) to check out the situation. They sent a worrying report, not only about the ever encroaching menace of Muzak, but that the theatre which could be used as a fortress was defended by hundreds of steep steps.

Next Day

John W put on his costume as he transformed into Iron Lung and assembled his utility belt, including his ‘Lockets’ – he had a tickly cough! He set off in the Mama Mobile, picking up Red Lantern (Dave J) and Broome Boy (Dave B) on the way.

They headed off down the Motorway of Music (well the M6 anyway) and hurtled (easily hit 60 mph) towards Bridgnorth. They stopped on the way to check out the advance team were okay and re-charge their utility belts with coffee and cake.

Mama at Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Green. Saturday 20th June 2015

Finally they reached Bridgnorth but more obstacles were put in their way. Narrow roads and traffic queues, a bus and 4×4 blocking the road held them back, but they battled on. They wound their way towards the steps and Broome Boy called the rest of the team to assemble at the crest of the hill. Unfortunately, the advance team were engrossed in a battle against the forces of B.E.E.R. (Buckets of Energy-sapping Elixir of Refreshment). Iron-Lung managed to steer the Mama Mobile away from the gravity pull of the steps and headed off round the town while Broome Boy exhorted the advance team to overcome B.E.E.R. and get to the steps NOW!

A second surge was needed and the Mama Mobile returned to the steps to find the rest of the team waiting. But the fight against B.E.E.R. combined with the steepness of the terrain meant that the team needed all their super powers to overcome the downhill (and uphill) battle that lay ahead.

They unloaded the Mama Mobile and Iron-Lung drove off to find a nice parking space while the rest of the team started to transfer their specialist equipment to the theatre fortress. While Miracle Marketer and Luminaire monitored the crest of the hill, the forces of gravity took their toll on our heroes. Professor Y kept asking, “Why so many steps?” as he carried boxes down the hill.

An Evening of Genesis Music with Mama at Bridgnorth

Cooperman used all of his powers of endurance to help Dale Boy, Broome Boy and Count Angry Von Angry Man to carry huge crates down the steps. As the four returned to the summit Dale Boy said, “The special breakfast diet I followed this morning is beginning to wear off!”

“Don’t despair Dale Boy, ” said Cooperman. “We will re-charge our energy stores once we overcome these B.E.E.R. resisting forces!”

They struggled on and Iron-Fist returned to help them rise to the challenge of the steps. Slowly (very slowly) they assembled their equipment in the theatre fortress. Their fifth member, the indefatigable Dr. Markos arrived and the team rushed (sort of) to help him unload and take his place on the stage. Professor Y used his powers of connection to ensure the sound was ready and the five combined all of their special powers into making magical music to overcome the powers of Muzak. They were using new sound devices and Dr. Markos said, “It must be good – it has lots of flashing lights!”

Mama at Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Green. Saturday 20th June 2015

It sounded good! They rested and decided to re-energise at the local chip shop. Broome Boy had the world’s largest haddock and Iron-Lung ate a selection of faggots designed to re-build his energy field (at least that was his excuse). Meanwhile Dr. Markos and Professor Y discussed Drone technology whilst Red Lantern ate his corned beef sandwiches and drank pop!

The people of Bridgnorth began to move towards the citadel of music and soon every seat was taken. So many arrived that many too many had to be turned away. Our heroes changed into their costumes and walked on stage. Music filled the auditorium and the audience were taken on a trip across the years. Songs about ghosts, musical boxes, the theory of dominoes, the story of Duke and many more charged the air – the forces of Musak were defeated and our heroes received a standing ovation.


After the concert, adrenaline re-charged the team as they carried their equipment back up the steps. They were exhausted but happy. Once again they had taken the music of Genesis out on the road and once again they had been victorious. The Mama Mobile set off and the team returned to base, ready and on-call to go into action against Muzak whenever it was necessary – whenever the letter M appeared in the skies.

Mama at Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Green. Saturday 20th June 2015

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