an-evening-of-genesis-at-the-furnace-stoke-on-trent-with-mamaDave’s Tour Log – Issue 2 – Five Go On Tour, May 2nd 2015

Before we get into the bizarre world of Dave’s humour, we thought it wise to tell you something about the real word. Saturday 9th May 2015 will see Mama performing An Evening of Genesis Music, live at Theatre on the Steps in Bridgnorth. You can get tickets from the theatre by calling 01746 766 477 or buy them online on the Theatre on the Steps website. Be warned; as of four hours ago there were only 19 tickets left, so you should probably also consider our show at The Furnace in Stoke, on Friday 5th June 2015. Tickets for The Furnace can be bought from our EventBrite page.

The band would like to pass on a HUGE thanks to the people of Leicester for turning out to see our show on Saturday just gone. Without you, the show simply wouldn’t work. We hope you all enjoyed it, despite our technical gremlins. We’d also like to thank Danny and his team for booking us, making us feel very welcome and generating such a buzz for the show. They certainly proved to us that The Musician is among the very best live music venues in the UK (and we’ve seen a fair few!).

Finally, we’d like to thank Chen and Kal of Scancom for looking after us for the weekend, filling us with a whole months worth of food and then doing it all again the next day, keeping us entertained with family stories, musical banter and hilarious anecdotes about mutual friends. You know Shelley owns Solsbury Hill don’t you?  🙂

And now…. The tour log!

It was lovely day! A Saturday and the sun was shining down. After eight weeks the five were finally getting together again and they all could not wait. Unfortunately there was no room for Poppy the Dog to accompany them. Neither was there room for Big Cat and Little Cat. John W, James and David met first.

“Hello Dave. Hello James,” said John W.

“Hello John. Hello James,” said Dave.

“Hello Dave. Hello John,” said James.

John W and Dave had driven round to pick up James in their van “Betty.” Today they were heading off on an adventure to Leicester. James being the youngest of the bunch was prone to getting excited and today was no exception!

“I am so looking forward to playing again!” said James, jumping up and down. “I can’t wait!”

They set off. They had with them two friends; Dave B and Dale, who were coming along to help the five on their latest jaunt. Dale and James were sat on the back seat in “Betty” and James had brought along lashings of ginger beer. Well four cans anyway. Dale had two cans and James had two and then they were both very happy and very loud.

“I’m much older than when you last saw me,” said James. “I’m thirty eight and three quarters. Yes I am 39 in four weeks!”

“You’ll be starting shaving soon.” said Dale.

Dale had been to Leicester before as part of his job which was to sell things to grown-ups that they didn’t really want. Dale guided John W as he drove across the country. Unfortunately Dale missed the turning they needed and instead of heading down the road they wanted, they took a scenic route instead.

“Oh flip!” said John W. “We appear to have missed our turning.”

“Never mind,” said Dave J. “This will be far more exciting!”

Eventually they reached the city of Leicester and came to a dead stop. There had been a football match and Leicester had won by three shots to none. As the van crawled along the main road, lots of people in blue were walking along looking thoroughly depressed.

“It looks like Leicester lost,” said John W.

“No they won,” said Dave J.

“Then why do they all look so sad?” asked James.

“Because they haven’t got tickets to see MAMA tonight,” said Dale.

They drove onwards and eventually they arrived at the venue, The Musician.

“Are we here yet?” asked James.

“Yes!” said Dave.

John W jumped out of the van and ran off. For the last few minutes he had been wriggling in his seat! They unloaded the van and placed all their equipment in the middle of a very dark room.

“It’s dark,” said Dave J.

“Yes it is really dark!” said John W.

“It’s very very dark!” said James.

Dale turned the lights on.

“You’re so clever!” said John W.

They started to put the stage together and while they were doing it, the others arrived. First of all John C drove up with Jan (a girl!).

“Hello John,” said Dave J.

“Hello Dave,” said John C.

“Hello John,” said James.

“Hello James,” said John C.

“Hello John,” said John W.

“Hello John,” said John C.

mama-at-the-musician-leicesterNext to arrive was Andrew and Jules (another girl!) who had brought more big boxes that needed unpacking. Andrew liked to play with mixing desks, long cables and sticky tape. He set about putting wires all around the room.

Finally Mark turned up.

“Hello Mark,” said Dave J.

“Hello Dave,” said Mark.

“Hello Mark,” said James.

“Hello James,” said Mark.

“Hello Mark,” said John W.

“Hello John,” said Mark.

“Hello you,” said John C.

“Hello bruv,” said Mark.

mama-at-the-musician-the-queue-outsideMark and John C were brothers and they had such fun teasing each other. The five and their friends set up all their equipment and switched it on. Unfortunately a fly had got into one of the speakers and they couldn’t find where it was hiding.

“What a pity we don’t have Poppy the Dog, Big Cat or Little Cat,” said Dave J. “They would find our fly!”

Andrew eventually found the fly and made it buzz off and the five were able to try out their music in the dark room. It sounded good so they stopped playing so they could all have some ginger beer and some crisps. Outside The Musician, lots of people were lining up in a long queue.

“What are they queuing for?” asked Mark.

“Us!” said Dave J.

James took a picture of the queue and a picture of his drums. The five went backstage to get changed. They put on their jackets and waistcoats and looked very smart as they walked on stage. They played for three hours; short songs, long songs, old songs, very old songs and flipping old songs! The audience smiled and smiled, sang along and then clapped and clapped. Finally it was over and they packed all their things away and said good bye to each other.

“Goodbye John,” said Dave J.

“Goodbye Dave,” said John C.

“Goodbye Mark,” said Dave J.

“Goodbye Dave,” said Mark.

(Do I really have to write all this out? – webmaster)

John W, James and Dave J along with Dale and Dave B, drove off into the night rain. They headed home, only stopping for a short break while they drank coffee and ate sweets. Another exciting adventure was coming to end…. until the next time!

The Five will return in A BRIDGE TOO NORTH!

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