An Evening of Genesis at The Brindley, RuncornDave’s Tour Log – Issue 4 – A Very Normal Day, June 5th 2015

It seems that I (the webmaster) am falling behind in my solemn duty to update the website with new posts and keep everyone entertained with the madness that is…. Dave’s mind. I’m sorry. It’s summer and I’ve been busy shooting video, which is my day job. I’m going to post today and then in a few days, try and catch up by posting the next tour log from Dave (which is already written).

Before we get into the new post, I thought we should quickly mention our next show at The Brindley in Runcorn. The date? Saturday 25th July 2015. Tickets have been selling very fast for this show, largely due to the efforts of the heroic promoter Neil. Thanks Neil!  🙂

Want tickets? Then grab them fast. Real fast! You can buy tickets priced at £14.00 by calling the box office on 0151 907 8360.

He’s not always so barmy!

Okay, the last two tour logs were done in particular styles; Leicester in the style of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Bridgnorth in the style of a superhero comic. So for this one I have returned to normal!

Today starts early. Very early. As in 5.30am early! I get up and ready for work but I have to take my gear with me to school as I am going straight from work to the venue (yes, Dave is a maths teacher in the real world!). The day flies by and at 4.00pm I change into my Mama T-shirt, jeans and head off to the car park known as the M6!

James on the drums, MkCo Photo Design art

I join the M6 at junction 19 and come to a dead stop. Here’s an idea for an essay title, “There is never a time when there isn’t any traffic at junction 19 of the M6!” Discuss! The car then thinks it’s a carpet and crawls, as in hardly moving, for the best part of thirty minutes, down towards junction 16 and the turn off for Stoke. Once off the motorway I am driving again and head off to Sutherland Community Centre which has a new venue called The Furnace. This turns out to be an ex-auction house. A vast cavernous room with a nice stage at one end, a large area for standing, a bar with TV screens of the stage and seats for about 100 people. The rest of the band are already there and so I set up ASAP so we can sound check.

Sound check? There is sound, to be checked! Checking the sound and the sounds!

People often ask me what is a sound check? Let me explain. This is a period of time where four members of the band are off stage chatting, drinking or resting while the drummer James, sits behind his kit hitting each drum and cymbal in a monotonous way. For each drum he bangs away, then stops, then the sound engineer asks him to bang away again, which he does so more vigorously until eventually the sound engineer shouts really loudly those worrying words, “NEXT DRUM!”

An Evening of Genesis Music with Mama at The Brindley, Runcorn

Eventually the drums have been checked and James is ready to play. Next it is Mark’s guitars, then yours truly, then John C’s keyboards and finally John W’s guitar and vocal mic. Okay let’s try something. We go into Behind the Lines and stop when we realise that the cavernous empty space is giving us a bit (understatement) of feedback. We fix that and then run through a couple more numbers.

Doors open!

The audience start to arrive and we mingle and chat. We are just fans of the music of Genesis who happen to play their music live to other fans, so we have a lot in common. I meet a big fan of the band who suggests some songs we might like to think about, Blood on the Rooftops and Deep in the Motherlode are mentioned. I keep a straight face as I know we have been working on one of those pieces already!

Eventually it is stage time and we kick off with our signature number Mama, then into Land of Confusion. The first half flies by. Highlights for me are Duke’s Travels and Ripples. In the interval James buys me my usual rider; a packet of salt and vinegar crisps. Apparently we need to adjust some lights so that the front of stage is brighter. This takes a few minutes and then we get back out on stage.

I love the second half of our show; Dodo is a great opener and then Abacab takes off and the audience are up dancing and singing. Home by the Sea and In the Cage lead nicely into Los Endos. By this point the band are on overdrive and we get an encore and play Tonight, Tonight, Tonight and end with Invisible Touch. We come off stage exhausted but elated. We grab a drink and then go to meet some audience members who have stayed behind for a chat.

One fan tells me he wasn’t really a Genesis fan but he came tonight with a friend and now he is converted. He is going to go and buy their albums as he really loved the show. Countless people shake our hands and tell us how much they enjoyed it. James gets a kiss or two. John W has his photo taken. Mark talks about guitars (again) and John C tells me again how much he loves Pink Floyd. Not.

Now the worse part; packing up! We slowly (very slowly) store our gear in their boxes and cases and load up the van and cars. It is well past one in the morning when we eventually set off back home, shattered but happy. Stoke was a new venture for us and it has gone well. Next up is East Sussex. More on that in the next tour log!

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An Evening of Genesis Music with Mama at The Brindley, Runcorn

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