Mama at The Green Hotel KinrossMama bass player Dave is dying to tell you about the new Nerve Toy Trio album, so we let him loose with a pen and paper and after he drew some weird musical symbols and bowed down before the spirit of Mr. C Squire a couple of times, this is what he penned….

As you know it can be a busy life if you love music. Take the five members of Mama for instance. We are all up to our top C’s in music at the moment!

I sympathize with Darren, who has spent the last few weeks getting up early before work to practice then going to work, coming home, spending time with his family then when they go to bed, it’s back to the guitar for a couple of hours – all to prepare for a Mama concert. But it paid off, because he was sensational when we played at Thornton recently.

The Contenders….

The band just can’t get enough of music. James plays with The Contenders, a great band that play in and around the North West. If you can get to see them please go. You won’t be disappointed. They rock!

Swan Chorus….

John W has been recording vocals for another prog band called The Swan Chorus who also sound fantastic. Their album should be coming out in the new year so that is one to look out for. Check out John’s  SoundCloud channel for more examples.



John C has been working on new original music also, in particular JC and I have been working on a couple of songs which may see the light of day before the end of the year.

Nerve Toy Trio….

Yours truly? Well I have been playing with Nerve Toy Trio for a while and NTT have been working on an album for the past few months. The album is now completed and came out on the 9th September. It’s called Accidental Bar-B-Que and is a 55 minute suite of 6 instrumental pieces of music mixing jazz, rock and prog to form what we hope is an exciting sound. If you come to a Mama show you might hear the title track played as part of the pre-show music. The album is available through the on-line store Burning Shed and the first 100 orders get a free copy of an earlier EP.



Two Nights in Kinross, Scotland….

The members of Mama and the crew are music lovers, pure and simple. We live for it! Rehearsing, practicing, listening to albums and going to concerts. It’s just what we do. We live to play music and we will be doing it soon in Scotland. Our annual visit over the border to Kinross is coming up. Two nights, two concerts, Friday is all Genesis and Saturday is the hits of Genesis, Collins, Gabriel and Mike & the Mechanics. Plus we are excited to have Mark back with us. Mark is playing the double dates in Scotland and St. Helens to give Darren time to learn our Hits set. We are looking forward to the Kinross gigs and we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Got to stop writing now. I need to practice my bass!

Mama at The Green Hotel Kinross

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