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JC - Keyboards for MamaMama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band interviews John C about the intricacies of reproducing those Genesis keyboards

This weekend, the band will be performing their annual show at Theatre On The Steps in Bridgnorth. This theatre is most unusual in that it’s half way up a huge staircase, hence the name. We had a great time here last time we performed and tickets are selling very well so far, without any real promotion from us. In fact, this website update and the ensuing email newsletter represent the first time that we have promoted the show directly. So if you’re thinking of coming down, buy your tickets pronto because a bunch will sell in the next few hours (I think at last count there were less than thirty left!).

You can buy tickets for Theatre On The Steps from their website or by calling into the box office (The Tic, Bridgnorth Library, Listley Street – open 9.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday). You can also phone the venue on 01746 763 257.

JC does smile from time to time!The Interview

It’s time for another interview with the band. This time we collared John C, our expert keyboard player, and got all geeky with him. Well, he got all geeky with us to be fair! Here’s the interview along with a new promo clip from our upcoming live video:

Mama Website: Hi JC and thanks for agreeing to share your technical secrets with us!

John C: Cheers n tha.

MW: After the whole PG / PC thing, Genesis music is known for it’s reliance on keyboard sounds. How do you approach getting the sounds of Tony Banks for Mama?

JC: Well there are really two ways you can go. With the early stuff it’s really just a couple of organ sounds through a chorus and / or phaser, an RMI style piano, sawtooth based mono synth (preferably an ARP) and of course some Mellotron sounds. Post 1982 it gets a little more tricky – early wavetable and sample based keyboards weren’t great by modern standards but had some unique sounds that aren’t that easy to emulate accurately unless you can get hold of the kit, or samples of it.

MW: Do you have all the sounds used by Tony Banks?

JC: No. That’s not the way I do it. I am pretty good at working out the type of synth sound I am listening to and then I go to my workstation library to find something similar. That works probably eighty percent of the time. If I don’t have something I am happy with, I start looking for instrument samples.

MW: Isn’t the object of a tribute to use the original instruments and the same sounds as Tony Banks?

JC: I know a lot of the other Genesis tributes try to do that and with the early stuff it’s true that you need to get that “70’s Sound,” but I doubt that Tony would be using those sounds if Genesis went on tour this year and they probably wouldn’t be using the the sounds from 2007 either. He would probably try to capture the spirit of the original with new technology, which is really the approach I use.



MW: So how does that work with a signature sound, like the Mellotron choir in Afterglow? View full article »

Latest Interview With John W!

John Wilkinson - Mama Genesis Tribute BandMama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band interviews John W

Well so much has gone on in the past eleven months that we thought it was high time to drag another interview from John W. Here he discusses the change in venues that the band are currently appearing at and the complexities of putting on a Mama show and making a film!

Don’t forget, Saturday night (26th April) the band will be performing at the O2 Academy, Sheffield. You can buy tickets from the O2 Academy website. On with the interview….

Mama Website: Hi John!

John W: Hello there.

MW: So what’s been happening in the time since we last interviewed you?

JW: An awful lot (laughs)! I suppose the first thing to tell you about is the upcoming live DVD / Blu-ray Disc. As most folk know we put on a special free show for the fans who have supported us over the past two years as a sort of thank you to them all. We took the decision to make a DVD of the show and release it, as we keep getting asked at our gigs why we don’t have DVD’s or CD’s for sale.

MW: And why don’t you have DVD’s or CD’s for sale then?

JW: Good question. The main reason is that we wanted to ensure that the standard of playing was up to it and I know that we are now playing these songs better than ever. It is an obvious thing to say but the more you play together as a band the tighter and better you get. Also another thing was that we wanted the lights sorting out before we tried to film a show and thanks to Dave and Jules input, we now have a great light show.

MW: Yeah I remember you saying about that the last time we spoke. Was that a challenge then?

JW: You would have to ask Dave and Jules for that because they put all the work in. No seriously, Dave rigged all the lights, designed the way it would look and then programmed the scenes for each song into the computer. Jules then had to learn all about setting up lights at shows and how to work the computer at shows. Both of them have done superbly well in my opinion.

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Mama – The JW MegaMix!

Mama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band release new promo video online!

Thanks for visiting our website. We thought we would update you on the latest news after our Easter break. Happy Easter!

Today we’ve got an all new video for you. This is Mama, performing Mama, at The Hub in Bacup. It will feature in our new live DVD / Blu-ray Disc release which we are still working on (we are about half way through the video and audio work). The audio was recently mixed by our very own John W and we hope you enjoy it.

Sheffield show beckons!

Don’t forget, if you’re in the Sheffield area and want to catch the band live, we will be performing our show at the O2 Academy, Sheffield, on the 26th April 2014. That’s six days from now! You can purchase tickets for the show on the O2 Academy website.


Mama – JW MegaMix from Carillon Video on Vimeo.

You can also watch the video on our YouTube channel.