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The Citadel, St. Helens – Friday 26th July!

Mama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band gears up for The Citadel, St. Helens

So what will you be doing on Friday 26th July 2013? We know what we will be doing! Starting at around 3.00pm we will be setting up for another monster Genesis party, this time at The Citadel in St. Helens. This is a fairly local gig for us so we are looking forward to a good turn out. Fancy it?

Buy tickets from The Citadel to secure entry to this show. You can contact the box office on 01744 735 436. Alternatively, buy your tickets online on The Citadel Website. Never seen Mama before and wondering what it’s like to see a Genesis tribute band in action? Then check out the many videos we have on our Vimeo and YouTube channels and have a listen to our most recent recording. This is Tonight Tonight Tonight / Invisible Touch, recorded live from our front of house desk at The Winding Wheel, Chesterfield:

Why not tell us what you think of our recordings and videos by posting a comment below or joining the conversation on our Facebook Page? We’d love to hear from you.

MarkCo, guitarist with Mama has been busy!

This recording was previously posted on our exclusive content page but we’ve brought it out onto a public page to make room for some other content that’s coming up for our newsletter subscribers on the exclusives page. MarkCo informed the band he’s been working on some Genesis stuff with his acoustic guitar. We thought we’d share it here. Hope you enjoy it!

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See you in St. Helens!

The Garage – Swansea

The Garage Live Music Venue, SwanseaMama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band to play The Garage Live Music Venue in Swansea!

That’s right everyone. It’s time to get your tickets to see the next Mama show which is this Saturday coming, in Swansea. It’ll be our first time at The Garage Live Music Venue and we are really looking forward to it. Already we have had many emails from people in the area to tell us they’re really looking forward to the show, so if you want to ensure entry, buy your tickets up front from the venue priced £13.00. They’re £15.00 on the door and we reckon the £2.00 saving is valuable beer money!

Those of you who are subscribed to our email newsletter (subscribe right now on the right hand side!) will no doubt have heard about our two surveys for 2013. The idea is to collect some quality information about what you, the Genesis fans want from us, the Genesis tribute band. The survey came in two parts. First there was the general Mama Survey 2013 for those that could spare us a couple of minutes and then for the uber mad Genesis geeks that can’t get enough, there was the Big Song Poll Survey which is likely to take you several days to complete! Brave.

Our Survey Says?

Survey results? Well, they’re not quite ready to publish yet because we need to get some more input from other areas. But what we can tell you is early results indicate Los Endos is by far the most desired track at a Mama show! So we dug around in our digital archives and pulled out a relatively recent recording for you. We hope you enjoy it. Here’s Los Endos performed live at The Winding Wheel in Chesterfield, a couple of weeks ago:

If you’d like to have your say, we’d love to see you have a go at our Mama Survey 2013. We promise, it’ll only take three minutes tops! As previously mentioned, you can also have a go at the Big Song Poll Survey anytime you like, to register which Genesis tracks are your favourites. We’ll be consulting this survey when we add more tracks to our growing set list choices, so there’s all to play for (why do I feel like I’m hosting an 80’s TV game show?)!

So, what do you do now? If you’re in the Swansea area and you love Genesis (which you should if you are reading this) then book your tickets for The Garage now. Box office: 01792 475 147 or online here!

Mama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band will perform their 2013 tour show at TheWinding Wheel, Chesterfield.

That’s right, it’s only two days to the next Mama show at The Winding Wheel in Chesterfield. Saturday 6th July 2013 you could be basking in the awesome music of Genesis so what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now before they all go!

As promised a while back, we’ve been busy working on the audio and video clips we recorded back in March 2013 at our Prog Rock Celebration show at The Rose Club in Hindley. The video clips of StillMarillion, Manc Floyd and Mama are not ready yet, but we do have some great audio to share with you.

The Winding WheelBelow is an audio recording taken straight from our front of house sound desk at the gig. Whilst desk recordings don’t give a good, accurate representation of what the band sounded like on the night, these recordings are pretty good. So, if you’re thinking of buying tickets for Chesterfield on Saturday, this will tell you everything you need to know about how the band sounds. We hope you enjoy the clip and if you’d like more, we have posted a couple of different tracks from the same show on our exclusive content page. Find it here.

As always, we’d love to hear your comments below and please share this post on your Facebook wall or Twitter account using the sharing buttons at the bottom.  🙂

Here’s Duchess / Guide Vocal:

PS One of our Twitter followers just booked tickets and hotels for this show and then posted a unique pre-show drinks guide online. Find it here. A bit bonkers I know, but he’s a Genesis fan so we can’t say we disapprove.  🙂